Gamers Willing to 'Trade' Considerable Advertising Exposure for Price Cuts

GameDaily: "Our latest exclusive research from Frank N. Magid Associates takes a look at how receptive gamers are to in-game ads. It seems that price drops or free games makes advertising very worthwhile for most."

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buy a ps34049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

it would be cool to have real billboards in game.

Pebz4049d ago

Repetition is a powerful form of hypnosis and ads do just that. Some might think they are immune to ads, but it really works on a subconscious level, and if you see a certain ad enough times, you just might fall for it. People buy crap they don't need all the time largely because of that.

Beyond that, do we really want to give more power to "sponsors" to preach their messages in our games? Before long you get situations where the devs can't exercise their creativity because certain ideas are harmful to some sponsor's message and so on.

Personally, I think if gamers accept ads, it will create an irreversible trend that will only harm games more and more. And it is in gamers hands to decide, to some extent, since devs/publishers will have a hard time making this a norm if gamers won't have it.

Ads are not as harmless as they might seem at first glance.

Yi-Long4049d ago

... sometimes in-game ads are perfectly fine, in the form of billboards on the side of the road, or next to a football-pitch.

However, when you play a game like Crackdown, set in the future, it COMPLETELY takes you out of the experience when you suddenly see an in-game ad for an upcoming movie. Even worse when it's localized, so in my case seeing a DUTCH advert for some lame movie. Nice way to cruin the game (!)

So it just depends on the kind of game, the setting, the ad itself, etc.

claney4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

i can see it working in a game like FIFA where the signs around the ground have real adds and not just like Playstation 3 on all of them would look pretty cool, but i WANT THE PRICE CUT as well

primordialmeme4048d ago

who in their right mind would pay 60 bucks for a madden game anymore?

this would be perfect, charge 30 dollars then just put ads in the game like commercial breaks during an NFL game

Yi-Long4049d ago

... namely the point that gamers wouldnt mind in-game ads if it meant lower retail-prices: they'll only take note of that first part, and forget about the 2nd part.

So they'll think it's OK to put in ads, and get paid very well for that... and at the same time keep charging us full-price to watch that crap.

primordialmeme4048d ago

advertisers want to reach the biggest audience possible, so if you can get a bigger audience through a price cut then they'll pay more for the in game ads to reach that market. Price cutting games could at least double the audience of many titles.

IdleLeeSiuLung4049d ago

That is a bummer... I hate in game ads, especially when they don't fit in. Just line the first Rainbow Six Vegas had crap load of ads for Major League Gaming.... It worked, since I still remember their name in a bad light!

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The story is too old to be commented.