X-Play: Gears of War 2 Review

X-Play writes: "The original Gears of War combined a polished cover system, visuals that were perfect for showing off an entertainment system to your friends, and a lean towards cooperative gameplay that made gamers happy, and Microsoft even happier. Does Gears of War 2 improve on the original significantly, or is it indeed, Gears 1.5?"

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Zerodin5197d ago

Droids can't call them biased, or disregard this.
Doing so would negate the R2 5 out of 5.

Ps3Fanboy7775197d ago

Dont care what they gave Resistance.

DaChinPin5197d ago

Can't be held to honest opinions anymore. They've given in to hype and the fanboys that watch their station. They'll give any big exclusive a 4 or 5 out of 5 even if they don't deserve it so they'll get ratings...Oh well life goes on anyways.

elorm95196d ago

Pretty much any game with hype will automatically get a 5/5. That goes to R2 and Gears 2 if you were wondering.

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Lifendz5196d ago

and I'm glad the reviewers aren't trying to lower the score on small things. AAA game that will sell well. I haven't even seen any ads for it this time. I guess they don't need to advertise the guy.

Yipee Bog5196d ago

Not really a whole lot different than the first, take that as you will but I sort of expected more. Don't know what though. Visually it looks about the same as the first with a few more textures, less popping and overall pretty good. Been experiencing some skips in the cut scenes though (scary). Seems like they cleaned up the controls a little bit, you don't feel like a fat kid glued to the buffet all the time now. overall I think for me it would be about a 9 out of 10. just wish there was more new stuff

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slackerr755197d ago

now im off to buy it, instead of reading news about it like i have for the past year!!

BADJOYSTICK5197d ago (Edited 5196d ago )

I'm surprised they didn't touch on the low-res textures repetitive gameplay and glitches found in Gears of war 2

NS5197d ago

To be fair though the gamplay is much varied in part 2.

In the end Gears 2 is a fun game to play and thats what really matters in the end FUN.

I have been playing R2 as well for 2 days now and its an Amazing game as well.

BanjoKazooieFTW5196d ago

Because there arent any.
I played it at a friends house and the graphics are incredible.

Its getting old guys. Please stop trolling.

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