6 First-Person Shooters With Killer In-Game Soundtracks

Andrew M writes: "From the operatic scope of Destiny to the chaotic synth of Far Cry: Blood Dragon, here are seven first-person shooters with killer soundtracks."

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Sciurus_vulgaris668d ago

Its good to see Timesplitters 2 get a mention.
Also both the Perfect Dark games have great soundtracks in my opinion.
- "Temple Surveillance" Perfect Dark Zero

McMahonme7668d ago

Timesplitters as a series is highly underrated imo. I'm hoping for a remaster/reboot at some point

Sciurus_vulgaris668d ago

THQ Nordic acquired the Timesplitters IP last year. I hope a Timesplitters remastered trilogy is in the works.

iNcRiMiNaTi668d ago

I wasn't a fan of zero, it felt so clunky and character movement was so slow. The OG perfect dark is one of my favorite fps games though

Sciurus_vulgaris668d ago

I found the controls for Perfect Dark Zero to be a bit annoying, and yes Joanna did move too slow. However, I liked the level design of the campaign. I also enjoyed the playing against bots in Perfect Dark Zero multiplayer.

Hardiman668d ago

Yeah I didn't care for Zero for a number of reasons but like you stated the OG 64 one was pretty good for the time. Hell Goldeneye was incredible as well. Rare was on fire back then!

nommers668d ago

Metroid Prime and Half Life 2’s are the best imo.

Zeegamereh668d ago (Edited 668d ago )

Nothing comes close to Halos soundtrack (Halo 1 2 3) it’s perfection

Unspoken667d ago

Halo is number one but another I liked, especially if remastered, was Republic Commando.

Nu668d ago

Metroid Prime is one of my favorites because of the music and game design

AK91668d ago

I actually didn't like the soundtrack of Wolf 2 thought The New Colossus had a far better soundtrack.

McMahonme7668d ago (Edited 668d ago )

You mean The New Order?

AK91668d ago (Edited 668d ago )

*facepalm* yes

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The story is too old to be commented.