Hybrid SLI and CrossFire unstable, says Microsoft

Hybrid dual-graphics systems won't be given native support in Windows 7

Hybrid graphics systems might not be able to churn out the high-res frame rates demanded by enthusiast gamers, but both Nvidia and AMD have invested a lot of marketing bucks in the technology at the lower end of the scale. It turns out that Microsoft really doesn't like hybrid graphics, though, to the point where the software company has branded the technologies 'unstable' in its Windows 7 documentation.

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I Call 9MM3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

Never really liked the idea of either Hybrid SLI or Hybrid Crossfire. Pay extra money for a motherboard with on-board graphics, and then pair it with a relatively cheap model graphics card to try and do some low end crossfire? Seems pointless, would probably be better to put the 30-40 dollar premium most newer intergrated GPU motherboards have towards a normal motherboard and a better GPU. Crossfire and SLI are both quite driver dependent, and not every game or application likes them. A single, discrete chip is a much better solution for low end users. If they end up with extra cash, they should buy a good card, not another crappy chip and hope to get more performance. Good job Microsoft, knocking back bad tech.

Really, I think Nvidia and ATI/AMD need to trim some of the fat off of their GPU lines, lately there are just too many options to confuse the average user with. Low end, mid range, high end, and then enthusiast, that should be enough. But whatever, I know what buy, and so do other gamers. Joe average on the other, well good luck.

CrippleH3632d ago

Sli and Crossfire is getting obsolete anyways with Graphic cards in the future and now have about 2 GPU from AMD/ATI.