IGN: Legendary PS3 Review

PS3 owners are particularly dogged by technical issues, which don't really make sense. For one thing, you're subjected to a ten minute install, yet there will be instances with loads that will easily take a good ten seconds or more, particularly if you need to load from the last checkpoint after you die. What the install is supposed to cut down on is unknown. There seems to be more frame rate drops in the PS3 version than the 360, and along with not having trophies at all, you'll find that the texture issues are a bit more pronounced here and there than the 360 version.

Presentation - 3.0
Graphics - 5.5
Sound - 6.0
Gameplay - 2.5
Lasting Appeal - 2.0
Overall -

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wetowel4565d ago

I just puked a little in my mouth

White-Sharingan4565d ago

no need to puke

these are the types of games than dissolve the fanboy war for at least 1 second ;D we can all join together (sony and xbox fanboys) and lol at how horrible this game is

fanboys! lets all hold hands and "lol"

To me this situation = olympics, when the whole world is united for a brief period of time IMO

IzKyD13314565d ago

lmao, first Turning Point and now this, Spark Unlimited strikes again!

I_am_rushin4565d ago

I understand the PS3 got a lower score in the graphics department by 0.5, but how did it get 0.5 lower in gameplay.

Gameplay has always been the same in multi-plats.

RememberThe3574565d ago

Ain't that the truth. lol I new this game was going to suck. It's too bad, the concept was kind of cool.

4565d ago
Aclay4565d ago

Obviously the developers aren't up to speed with the PS3 and are just having a hard time making quality games.

I think that Spark Unlimited should have developed this game on the PS2 as well as Turning Point Fall of Liberty for the PS2 or something because this doesn't deserve to even be called a "next-gen" title.

Sarcasm4565d ago

" - Wow
this score is similar to the rest of all the PS3's "AAA" games - A Flop! "

Definitely agree. Let's look at them on IGN.

Little Big Planet - 9.5
MGS4 - 10
Valkyria Chronicles - 9.1
Resistance 2 - 9.5
Uncharted - 9.1
Wipeout HD - 9

Man... Flops indeed...

/my name

Jamegohanssj54565d ago

James is here to laugh at this flop that he predicted. This 2.3 makes him laugh his ass off.

I hope I am not too late.



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CloudsEnd4565d ago

This game was born to fail. :D

The Unwanted Truth4565d ago (Edited 4565d ago )

It scored higher on 360 cause it's slightly better.

This is the sh*ttiest of sh*t of PS3 ports.

The unwanted truth.

Alcohog4564d ago

2.5 vs. 2.3. I'm DEFINITELY getting the 360 version!

Ichiryoka4565d ago

What did these developers do to this game?

lordgodalming4565d ago

Why did IGN bother to downgrade yet another PS3 score from the 360 score for a terrible game that no one will buy? They might as well have scored them:

"360: 2.5"

"PS3: 2.3 (nyah nyah!)"

Rice4565d ago

love dat comment heres some bubbles..

WIIIS14565d ago

A horrible game made worse on the PS3.

villevalorox4565d ago (Edited 4565d ago )

hahahahahahhaah. FAIL!!