The Truth Behind Fallout 3: PS3 version looks better

Gamespot Forum: After some comparisons being done on other forums, it was shown that actually the PS3 version has some noticeable advantages over the Xbox 360 version, specially for textures and specular lighting, here are some PICS:

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CloudsEnd4053d ago

Oh yeah try to confuse me!

Hydrolex4053d ago

you shouldnt be confused because PS3 rules. Right ?

Joejoefhosho4053d ago

The Truth Behind Fallout 3: PS3 version looks better


CloudsEnd4053d ago

Yes the PS3 rules everything.
Im confused because the Roach is almost looking real,
and there is so more much love in the Textures.

TheXgamerLive4053d ago

is supposed to be an official Game Spot post, LMFAO!!!! Damned sony wannabe's suck. The game is greta on both, still it's a bit better on 360, so what, enjoy the damned game.

olivia4053d ago

i knew these developers would see the light soon.the ps3 advantage will only grow from here on out.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4052d ago

|.......|...|................ .|
|...................|........ .|
|............____|...____| ;)

PLAYSTATION®3規格ソフトウェアのゲー ム 中にXMB™

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Hydrolex4053d ago

Eurogamer Face off comparisons or gametrailers comparisons ! those are all websites who get paid by other companies

I have both consoles and Midnight Club LA looks better on the PS3, I don't know why Eurogamer said it looks better on 360

Time_Is_On_My_Side4053d ago

lol, the person only made screen shots, it isn't like they zoomed in to determine the pixels, hint hint, Grand Theft Auto IV hint hint, lol.

FCC4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

I've played both personally, there are some better textures on 360, and some better textures on the PS3. The most noticeable of all graphical effects is the 2x AA on the 360 version.

Performance wise, 360 trumps the PS3 by a little bit if you don't count the PSN freezing bug which is unfortunate. The 360 puts out a more steady framerate than the PS3 at most parts.

PS3 version naturally loads faster because of installs. If you really wanted to compare load times, wait for the NXE installs.

No fanboyism here people, move along, each version have their ups and downs.

If any of you EVER wanted to know which version of the game looks better, Eurogamer is usually somewhat accurate mostly, the most accurate of accurate comes from the Beyond3D forums. Go to the console tech forum and you'll find some info about tech and such.

The Unwanted Truth4053d ago

Hydrolex was ecstatic when he found this thread on Gamespot after he raged out at another 360 game being slightly bettter, and he we are on N4G, approved forum posts and all.

Doesn't the N4G Submitter's guide say forum posts from randoms are not allowed but high profiled developers are allowed?

The unwanted truth.

Time_Is_On_My_Side4053d ago

The one thing people complain about on the PlayStation 3 are installs and you can't wait for NXE to intall Fallout 3 on your XBOX 360?

FCC4053d ago

No it's just that people like to compare load times between installed PS3 games to 360 not installed games.

Maxned4053d ago

Hey I have an idea! I'll go on Gamespot Forums and make a BULLSHI* forum topic and post on N4G!

XxZxX4053d ago

boo f**king hoo, we all know Microsoft marketing strategy. If you compare, you fall right into their strategy. No comparison needed, they all can stand on their own. It's a good games in PS3 despite what's Microsoft blitz and rabid fanboy whining.
I can tell you this, go ahead play it in PS3 with confidence, I can guarantee you halfway playing the games, there are 97% chance you don't have to call Tech support to get your console replace just to finish the game. That's all you need to know. Those with 33%, let them whine, why? What do you expect, they are waiting for their console to arrive, sad, lonely and bored.

funkysolo4053d ago

why do you defend the 360 so much? I have a 360 and it's a piece of sh1t. Gears2 is the only game worthy of mentioning, everything else is multiplatfrom....If it wasn't for gears2 i could care less about my 360...If PS3 had the problems the 360 has I would be like PS3 is a piece of sh1t. Neither do SOny or M$ pay my bills, so I buy what I like and it's funny how the people spreading fud about PS3 fallout3 and other so called inferior multi's never even played the PS3 version...I have talk to several people that have played fallout3 on PS3 and everyone states it looks and plays great, I guess comparisons are only important to you and idiots like you that don't even play the games only brag about their reviews...SO you are bragging about other peoples opinions because you can't make your own

TheSadTruth4053d ago

This comparison is legit.. if you go through the topic creator's post history you see he has a history of being unbiased, he even said MGS4 would probably be better on the 360, so it's clear he's not just some lunatic fanboy like most of the PS3 fans here are.

Xelai4053d ago

Oh yeah, a forum post with photos taken from a handheld camera off a Bravia TV, Whoa!!! Great comparison!!! It should not be even approved for starters.

And secondly the method is between flawed and ridicule.

PD Of course MS pays all sites off, but then Sony forgets to pay forum posters, come on, Mulder/Hydrolex give us a break!!! Go back to UFOs for heavens sake!

Herbert tholdpervert4052d ago

there is spoiler in the alternative source. you stupid fvck

kwicksandz4052d ago

They must have dug real deep to try and spin fallout 3 into a pro PS3 article. I guess all the reviews, previews and lead platform talk where wrong. Now excuse me whilst i try to keep my sides from splitting =D

vhero4052d ago

god you 360 fanboys will go to whatever lengths to put this down with your comments but whatever helps you sleep at night huh? its not like the game trailers proof of the past huh showing 2 360 vids claiming one was ps3 give it up already will ya ps3 just sold 900% more consoles in japan compared to last week thanks to LBP. MS has never done that anywhere in ANY country thanks to any game thats a sign of a great console not recycled games like Halo 15.

Jamegohanssj54052d ago

I don't think this comparison will make me buy the game. Yep, it won't at all.


godofthunder104052d ago

I agree with a lot of people on this article.The fact is that one says the ps3 looks better the other said the 360 version looks better.Ever game that came out so far on both system graphics are close.The fact is that the difference between the 2 is so close that it makes no damn difference.People should just buy the one for their system and enjoy it.They shouldn't even worry if the 360 or ps3 version looks better.The fact is that no matter what ps3 fanboys will say that it looks better on the ps3 and vice versa.They are so childish they will argue that the water on one game has 1 more ripple in it then the other version.

The people that are still argueing that the game that on the system they have looks better is bias and childish.9 out of 10 of them could never tell the difference and on top of that the game isn't even out yet.All this argueing is childish,stupid and ridiculious.

MNicholas4052d ago

but the difference is so small that it's unlikely that people will miss them. In any case, being a multi-platform title it's unlikely that it's really pushing either machine.

A better comparison would be Gears 2 vs Uncharted since those games are better optimized to their respective hardware.

kevnb4052d ago

it is leaps and bounds better than either version.

prowiew4052d ago

i have the 360 version, and i didnt notice the game looks so bad on it. From what Ive played, it looks far better than those screenshots. Ive seen the ps3 version and to me it looks the same. But who cares. I hate forums news posted on n4g

joemayo764052d ago

1st off, neither version looks "bad" as they look just as good or better than other good looking curr. gen games.

2nd although its hard to tell the diff between the two aside from the last pic, it doesn't matter how it looks, it's how it runs and plays, i'd take a ps2 looking games that runs flawlessly over a "super next-gen, super shiny" game that barely runs at all...
my point is both versions are great can't really go wrong with either
(just turn off notifications on ps3 ver. to avoid hiccups in ur gameplay)

b00mFargl34052d ago

Honestly you sound like a fanboy yourself. How hypocritical.

wallace10004052d ago

The game looks better than those screenshots, i have no idea what cheap tv that person is using. More to the point, Fallout 3 is a fantastic game and it looks great on both systems. These comparisons showing little difference and the arguments that come from them are childish. Stop arguing about which one looks better just so you can have bragging rights for your console, which FYI makes you a giant looser if you do that. Go play the game on the system that you have because it is going to look great.

UnwanteDreamz4052d ago

Some of you haven't played it. I was pretty upset when I realised they did this huge game without an install.

shovelbum4052d ago

I have both consoles and bought the 360 version. I then rented the PS3 version. Guess what? They are both fantastic. Yes there are slight differences but the gameplay is the same and that's where the game shines. Comparisons are just a waste of time unless YOU compare BOTH on YOUR setup.

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Raz4052d ago

While I like the game, I won't consider the PS3 version superior in any way until they do something about the myriad bugs in it. Superior? When my NPCs can't even negotiate a straight line? When characters, for no reason, suddenly get sucked up by the ground and disappear? When I jump...and get stuck? When I'm tormented by freeze-ups and auto-pauses?

Whoever rushed this out of the gate should be ashamed of tarnishing such a potentially fantastic RPG. Right now Oblivion is superior, if anything. Where's that patch, Bethesda?? DO something!

Hydrolex4053d ago

he has both consoles, no one pays him, no point to be a fanboy so he is telling the truth !!!

MiloGarret4053d ago

Wow, you make so much sense its frightening... Or not. Let's all collectively forget the existance of fanboys, hydro here being a prime example of what I speak of.

Anyway, fück fallout 3, gears2 will be in my hand in a couple of hours, muahaha.

The Unwanted Truth4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

Bubbles for GUNS N SWORDS. Look at the left wall on the 360 version than over to the PS3 version, the 4x AA is very noticeable. The dark levels on the PS3 also are a little brighter than the 360.

The unwanted truth.

Real Gambler4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

Look at the coach on the right... You can barely see it. Dang, there could be somebody sitting on it, pointing a gun at you, and you would not see it.

P.S.: Totally neutral on this one, bought mine for the PC. Beats both of them hands down.

comm134053d ago


LoL sorry but all I see is darker and lighter version. Than again I do not care for "which one is better" unlike some people, cough.

GameDev4052d ago


Ju4052d ago

Simple put, 360 better AA but less features. Done with it.

nycredude4052d ago

How is hydro a fanboy. I think he has a point. This guy is NOT getting paid to do it and therefore is unbiased.

On a different not F*7k Geow 2. by the time you finish that game you will have just about REALLY started playing Fallout 3, it's THAT big!

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PirateThom4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

I wish people weren't so taken in by what certain reviewers/fanboys say.

The fact is, IGN got it spot on with their review before it was changed. The PS3 has a horrendous bug with the notifications freezing the game and a few more framerate issues.

However, graphically, there's not a damn thing wrong with it and the framerate issues only really come up on the last part of the main quest.

The way people acted over it, I half expected the PS3 version to look horrible. The fact is, it doesn't. Denying yourself the game is a huge injustice to yourself.

ultimolu4053d ago

I'm buying that game tomorrow along with Valkyria Chronicles Thom. It'll be my first Fallout game but it sounds cool enough for me to get it.

That means I have more than enough games to keep me occupied during Thanksgiving and Christmas vacation. O-o


Gazman4053d ago

Do yourself a Favor track down fallout 1 and 2

Sarcasm4053d ago

The biggest difference between the 360 and PS3 version is the anti-aliasing. The 360 version sports 4xAA while the PS3 version has 0. I don't get why Bethesda could'nt have at least implimented 2xAA just like Oblivion. And for a game that's running off the same engine, it's quite mind boggling.

kevnb4052d ago

that must look horrid! I tried it on pc without aa and it was a jaggie mess. I hate it when games dont use any aa, for example mirrors edge on ps3 looks otherwise great, but the lack of aa is distracting to the point I don't want to buy that game.

Ju4052d ago

I doubt its 0 AA. There is some noticeable anti aliasing used, but in some cases you will notice it on very rough edges. So, yes, I can agree, they don't use full screen AA, but they definitely smoothen the edges, epically on the character models and focus points.

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