GameTrailers: Resistance 2 Review

Has the sequel cemented a legacy, or will this resistance be crushed?

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gaffyh4050d ago

Yeah lol I was epecting the usual 8.8 score for any good PS3 exclusive GT reviews.

actas1234050d ago

One of the best games out there. Go get it, it's really worth the money

shazam4050d ago

when i was watching the review and the crappy points they made i could smell that 8.8 from a mile away but they gave it a 9.1 so they could keep what little reputation they have left.

joydestroy4050d ago

act is right, it was worth every penny!

rexor07174050d ago

Gears story is better. WOW, no.

ThanatosDMC4049d ago

I'm curious on how Resistance 3 will look like now that Insomniac might want to show up Killzone 2.

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aaron234050d ago

stupid website

Gears 2 got 9.5 and Resistance 2 got 9.1??

aaron234050d ago

No need for that

R2 and Gears2 got same scores from IGN, Gamespot and Gamesradar

R2 got better scores from some websites. Gears2 got better scores from some

However when MS own VARIETY intentionally gives R2 7/10 and a carrpy game like Fable 2 a 9.8/10 the u very well know about the credibility of those websites

GT gave MGS4 and LBP 9.3 and 9.4 and Gears 2 9.5


talk about biased media...oh wait MGS4 got 8.3 in story from GT. Gears 2 got 8.5 and Halo 3 9.3

what a shame?

kornbeaner4050d ago

STFU already, who cares about review scores. I played MGS4, Drake, Ratchet and Clank and many other games that ranged in scores from perfect 10's to mid 6's from reviews. Who cares? Those games were really good and no matter what anybody said about them I played them and enjoyed them. I suggest you do the same, cause all your whining is getting really lame.

NaiNaiNai4050d ago

9.1 >.> what is the .1 for effort. LMFAO. game can't even hold up to Gears of Tears. both are crap

PimpHandHappy4050d ago

its funny that you care

maybe you should take a bigger bite of the METRIC AAA D!CK

mesh14050d ago

resisitance 2 has barley any 10/10 reviews it has 1 ok but gears of war 2 has about 7 10/10 reviews and is scored higher and meta and gameranking i know which game is the best also epic games is a bigger and more talented dev than insomniac utfrabchise or rahcet and clank i think we all know what games were better did i mention nathan hail dies in the end of resisitance 2 aas he becomes a chimera and is killed by te us that the end of res2

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LarVanian4050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

Do my eyes deceit me?
Did Gametrailers just gave a PS3 exclusive a 9+ score?

Man first Eurogamer, then Gamespot and now Gametrailers. I guess they've started to "really" like the PS3 now. The same however cannot be said for 1up lol.

Sarcasm4050d ago

lol 1up, what a joke. They gave Wii Music and Banjo Kazooie A's.

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