Michael Pachter Predicts PS5/Project Scarlett Prices, GameStop's Fall, and the Future of Streaming

The 1099 Podcast notes:

"The man of many headlines returns. Famed analyst and host of the Pachter Factor, Michael Pachter, joins the 1099 once again to discuss the shaky future of GameStop after its stock value plummets, what the future of game streaming looks like for Google Stadia, Microsoft's XCloud, and even PlayStation, and what prices we can expect for next-gen hardware like the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett. If you want all the business talk you can handle, you've found it."

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prankster101512d ago

And then there's the talk in small print of the Switch becoming irrelevant at the end of next year.

Nintendo had a nice run...

Neonridr512d ago

Nintendo will never be irrelevant. They do their own thing. They aren't getting caught up in the pissing match between the other two. People will continue to buy their hardware because if there is one thing they do well is that they make fun games.

Neonridr511d ago

@rokkbrin - the Wii U still had some fun games, regardless if the hardware didn't sell. Much like people say the Vita isn't a complete failure as well.

Sophisticated_Chap511d ago

If Nintendo had created another console, with the same results as the WiiU, they would have been in huge trouble financially. They are lucky that the Switch took off the way it did. Its tue though, that you have to give them full credit for reinventing themselves once again. It will be interesting to see what they come up with next.

gangsta_red511d ago

"the wii u say's hi."

How does that even make sense considering the immensely successful follow up of the Switch?

TheHateTheyGive511d ago

They left the dedicated home console business and went handheld.

Edito511d ago

Not fun for me... last nintendo console I owned was the 64 because of MK Trilogy was best there (I'm not going to count the Wii) Played switch once or twice and it's not for me...

Neonridr511d ago

@Edito - that's cool, it's not for everyone. We all have different tastes.

Knushwood Butt511d ago

So why is Miyamoto desperately trying to defend Nintendo's VR and online offerings?

Neonridr511d ago

@Knushwood - because some people out there feel the need to compare and criticize Nintendo for everything they do. Labo VR for example was nothing more than just a novelty, it wasn't mean to compete with PSVR or the PC VR offerings. Just something to try out.

nucky64511d ago (Edited 511d ago )

really neonridr? gamecube sold 22 million. N64 sold around 35 million. that's 57 million in 2 gens. the ps1 sold 104 million....... ps2 sold 157 million. the wiiu was a dud. the wii sold because it had a new gimmick with motion control but that fad passed.
sure, nintendo does it's own thing - but i wouldn't say they've had the best run of over the last 20+ years.
edit - really, it's their handhelds that have kept them "relevant" but now they face stiff competition in that market. i think it'll be interesting to see what they do next year when the other 2 launch new consoles. i think they'll have to step it up some and not continue to make lesser powered, cheap-looking equipment. "doing their own thing", in that regard, won't work with all the new tech that's available with consoles and smartphones. they'll HAVE to start competing at some point.

TheUndertaker85510d ago

Nintendo printed trading cards longer than they've produced anything electronic. They also ran brothels and cab companies.

Nintendo has become irrelevant numerous times already and all signs point to them doing it again.

Knushwood Butt510d ago

@ Neon

Labo VR is just a novelty? I'd like to hear that from Miyamoto.

Neonridr510d ago

@Knushwood - Nintendo didn't suddenly just add VR support to Labo to be an actual means of competition with actual VR. Considering everything is just an experience or a short demo, how can you even begin to compare the two? One is cardboard that uses the Switch, one is an actual headset full of tech.

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quent511d ago

The Nintendo brand is too big to become irrelevant, they are to videogames what Disney are to animation

511d ago
spwittbold510d ago

No-one is "too big," to become irrelevant.
Big players become irrelevant all the time.

UltraNova511d ago (Edited 511d ago )

Both a full on handheld and a "Pro" Switch models are coming, so its your comment that's irrelevant.

TheUndertaker85510d ago

Source please? I don’t think you have them as there is zero details about the new SKUs. For all people know it could be nothing more than a “Switch XL” or “2Switch” situation. Upgraded screen size on one with higher cost. Lite version for those looking to spend less.

Plus as Nintendo did with the 3DS line it will be entirely possible that future Switch games programmed around a higher end model will not work on the current model or any lite revisions.

UltraNova510d ago (Edited 510d ago )


How's that for proof?

TheUndertaker85510d ago

Where's the "XL" listed in that again? 🤔

Plus I literally called it one to one before that story was even posted. As everyone knows how Nintendo handled 3DS.

Losing features going to Lite makes Lite irrelevant. The base Switch will also be irrelevant with the launch of a XL model as XL will likely have titles that only work on it. As that's what Nintendo does.

I think what you meant to say honestly is at the time of your post you had zero proof. Even still the way Nintendo handles electronics lately shows why Nintendo themselves make their own products irrelevant.

Scatpants510d ago

Why, is there going to be a new best handheld ever? I'd like one that plays all my Steam games but that Smach Zero is looking like vapor hardware.

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PhantomS42511d ago

This hack is still around? I completely forgot about this guy. I'm sure he is wrong about everything as usual.

harmny511d ago

he may be wrong about everything as the gaming community thinks. but the guy makes hundreds of thousands of dollars being "wrong" all the time. sounds like a pretty nice job to me

Neonridr511d ago

basically whatever he says will happen, just go with the opposite to be safe :P

511d ago
Orionsangel511d ago

He calls us babies. He just loves yelling at clouds.

RizBiz511d ago

He wouldn't have a job if he was wrong about everything. He knows the industry better than you ever will.

PhantomS42511d ago

Have you ever actually looked at his track record? Majority of the time he is completely wrong.

indysurfn511d ago

Ummmmm his REAL job is not to publish what he really thinks to the public. But instead save that for his direct PAYING customers. If he gets the public to sell a stock, his clients can then buy that stock cheap! If he gets the public to buy a stock his clients can then sell that stock at a higher price!

He is NOT your adviser, unless your one of his clients!

traumadisaster511d ago

Ive watched his weekly video for years, I like his insight even if I don’t agree. He’s an insider and does have some good takes on things.

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Platformgamer511d ago (Edited 511d ago )

this baffoon is still around?
his predictions are 90% false and the ones he gets are like the obvious ones that i can predict too ahaha

Tross511d ago

Apparently you don't even need to be right most of the time to do his job. I wonder how to get into that field. It seems to pay well, and all you really need to do is throw out armchair conjecture periodically.

harmny511d ago (Edited 511d ago )

sure. i guess rich investors are stupid they seem to like to throw money at morons that never get anything right

DillyDilly511d ago

People here loves this guy when he makes positive Playstation predictions lol

Platformgamer510d ago

but the "positive playstation predictions" are still obvious ones

Sm00thNinja510d ago

100 dilly. I was just looking back at an article where people were defending him making statements about PSVR that were positive. Pick and choose people.

RizBiz511d ago ShowReplies(1)
ryuuzakibjorn511d ago

Why is this guy still being posted? Pretty much every time his "predictions" end up incorrect and he just wastes everybody's time.

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