Woah! Crash Bandicoot Made in Dreams Is the Real Deal

Sammy: "Here’s our bi-weekly update on Dreams, the game that’s practically going to keep us in clicks every time there’s a slow news day. Take this Crash Bandicoot-inspired level, which may be lacking the right kind of soundtrack but excels in every other area. The creator – a user called milbox – has absolutely nailed the mascot’s controls, with his signature double-jump and spin attack all intact."

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Neonridr925d ago

This is awesome to see. I can't wait to try my hand at some stuff in this game.

AK91924d ago

Holy sh*t this is AMAZING!!

badz149924d ago

buy Dreams and have an almost limitless amount of games from every genre imaginable. crazy! remember when Phil said that every xbox one is a devkit? almost nothing notable comes out of that at all. but with Dreams, you pay $60 for 1 game and you have all the tools you need to develop any game you want where the only limit is your imagination. and in the future, they might also allow you to publish and sell your creations. the possibility and potential of Dreams is scary

Dirtnapstor924d ago

It’s $30 for all that developing goodness.

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King_Noctis924d ago

Dream is looking more and more awesome. I’m no content creator but I can’t wait to see what else will come next from this game.

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