Call of Duty Mobile on Nintendo Switch? Devs talk Android and iOS release priority

Call of Duty Mobile has not been announced for Nintendo Switch, but the development team would perhaps consider it in the future, with the main priority being the launch on Android and iOS devices.

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King_Noctis809d ago

Sure, they can’t nickle and dime the Switch user so they target the mobile market instead.

2pacalypsenow809d ago

Yeah they can lol, please Nintendo charges full price for games that are 5 years old and people still buy them without hesitation.

King_Noctis809d ago (Edited 809d ago )

Are we talking about free to play games full of MT and lootboxes or the premium $60 Nintendo games without any of those sh*tty practices?

You kindda lost me right there.

Ratchet75809d ago

Why would I pay €10 to play the Witcher 3 at 4k on my ps4 pro, when I can pay €69 to play it at 720p and fully downgraded on my switch?
😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

2pacalypsenow809d ago (Edited 809d ago )


Ah so now y’all call them “Premium” games to justify the prices.

Lol, weren’t y’all boasting about the fact that Nintendo now has those 3rd party games full of MT and loot boxes?

King_Noctis809d ago


And didn’t most of you kept sh*tting on the Switch because it didn’t have those “3rd party games full of MT and loot boxes” as well?

2pacalypsenow809d ago

So if they have those ports, can we agree Switch users also get nickle and dimed?

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Imortus_san809d ago

IOS and Android base 100x Bigger the Switch, so it's only natural, stop making up excuses.

King_Noctis809d ago (Edited 809d ago )

Who is making excuse? I’m just stating fact only. They can’t monetize the Switch like they could with mobile.

If I really wanted to play it, I would just pull my phone out to play. There is no excuse.

TheUndertaker85809d ago (Edited 809d ago )

Yeah, just look at products like Super Mario Run, Pokémon Go, the upcoming Dr. Mario World, and other mobile titles created for Nintendo under Nintendo themes and characters. /s

I’m sure Nintendo is investing quite a bit into the mobile scene and companies like DeNA because Nintendo fans love buying whatever Nintendo shoved out. Plus as evidenced those practices for Nintendo are acceptable but other companies not. /s

Along with Mario Kart Tour where the beta has shown it will be highly P2W.

To debunk this crap as well Nintendo said Super Mario Run failed to meet expectations due to the model it used and micro transaction games have been much more profitable. Thus why Nintendo is inclined to ditch the “pay once” idea in favor of finding ways to get players to buy into micro transactions.

As an added bonus Nintendo pulled the plug on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Fire Emblem Heroes in Belgium because of loot box laws that both games would have broke. There is also question if titles like Mario Kart Tour will be available in Belgium because of the same loot box presence.

Profchaos809d ago (Edited 809d ago )

I played the beta more than I expected and to be honest it's one of the better fps games on mobile there's microtransactions sure but they didn't feel mandatory I often topped the leaderboard using stock weapons. It really felt like a greatest hits collection of maps.

And for clarification I don't particularly like or play many mobile games at all so it's a good effort to manage to hook me.

The negative lots of people manged to get Bluetooth controllers to work so it felt unfair when someone was clearly using them.

So it would be great on switch but I'd want to keep the user base separate

TheUndertaker85809d ago

Zombies isn’t available in the beta. Why would you want them to segregate a co-op experience?

Profchaos809d ago

That's fair I don't typically enjoy the zombies mode so I steer clear of it I have no issue with co op titles being cross play as the goal is pve not PvP.
However your standard death Match style games should be played on a level playing field with the only exception being players that agree to be at a disadvantage if they want to vs their friends or something