Google Now Suddenly Has an Amazing New Advantage Over Microsoft, Sony & Nintendo.

Video game consoles are on the list of tariffs, and it will cost $840 million. But the whole point of Stadia is that it doesn't need a console.

isarai1787d ago

It still requires consoles. They just arent local, they are remote. What did you think they are just completely non-physical? Lol

supes_241786d ago

If it doesn’t require a console, what would I be buying? A controller with and infrared sensor that tells a remote sever what I’m doing? So Stadia will cost $60?

Profchaos1786d ago

A controller that only connects to a user's WiFi modem which the user can interact with via a YouTube window on a laptop for example

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Fluttershy771786d ago

It requires servers not consoles

isarai1786d ago

Each sever blade is essentially a console. What else do you call a custom PC with a closed system, static specs and custom OS whose only purpose is to play games?

andibandit1786d ago


I think that is completely unlikely. Each blade would problably be some sort of PC able to handle multiple gamer's sessions. Also I dont understand why you'd consider it a closed system or why it would have static specs.

GottaBjimmyb1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

Pretty, inconsequential difference. In fact, the difference is almost entirely just a vocabulary difference.

Point is, hardware is still required, that hardware would still be subject to tariff at good cost and virtualized or dedicated, the hardware requirements are that of a modern console. Seems to me the idea of cloud gaming somehow just means it magically works with no hardware or that existing infrastructure requires no change for Stadia. Pretty unrealistic understanding in either case.

The hardware specs they claim lead me to believe each console is a dedicated piece of hardware, not virtualized, or at least that CPU/GPU seem to be dedicated to each virtualized instance at the very least which is even more odd:
-Custom x86 processor clocked at 2.7GHz w/ AVX2 SIMD and 9.5MB of L2+L3 cache
-Custom AMD GPU w/ HBM2 memory, 56 compute units, and 10.7TFLOPs
-16GB of RAM (shared between CPU and GPU), up to 484GB/s of bandwidth
-SSD cloud storage
At the very least those specs imply that the servers are in fact hardware specifically designed for Stadia and not just normal compute units.

clouds51786d ago

I want that kind of hardware in an "offline" console... Not on a server. I just don't see the upside of not having the hardware at home. Yes I can stream to my other devices. But I can stream games to other screens at home and I don't see myself playing Stadia on my phone with the current cost of mobile data (at least where I live).

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FyBy1786d ago

It still requires hardware to run games on. But you dont have to buy a console. Thats the point. You need to have "only" few datacenters around the world. And Google has them.

Fluttershy771786d ago

So according to you EA or Activision who have in some of their games dedicated servers in order for people to play their games... well according to you those are really consoles? an so, EA and Activision and others are really console manufacturers!!!
You sound like my late grandma to whom everything was just "computers". Was she wrong? Hell no! All these devices are in fact just computing... But there's a reason why we call them with very specific names.

Cobra9511786d ago

Although I hate the whole idea of streamed games, I have to correct you. A streaming service doesn't need a full-blown console. It just needs a device capable of reading and sending the user's control inputs, receiving an AV stream, displaying video, playing back audio, and communicating online. Even a smartphone could work.

Smok911786d ago

Wait, you think Google will have a room filled with consoles to make this work? Lmfao

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supes_241786d ago

Don’t care, still not buying it. PS5 all the way, even if it’s the only console I buy

Livingthedream1786d ago

Ps5 will be a beast of a console. It will surely be worth the money.

Potnoodle9991786d ago

Yes it will, purely because of Sony’s games studios... and don’t call me Shirley...

shuvam091786d ago

This is, you're not even buying anything...
You're renting...

PhoenixUp1786d ago

Stadia will still cost consumers more in the long run than just buying a console

DaDrunkenJester1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

How? You dont need to sign up for their monthly sub. You can use the free account to still buy games. How would it cost more than Xbox / PS when you need to pay for Plus or Live to play online as well as buy the games and also pay for Now or GamePass/Xcloud if you want to have a subscription library?