God Of War 3 Director Stig Asmussen Explains How He Almost Accidentally Named Kratos After Himself

While visiting Respawn to learn about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Game Informer took some time to chat with Stig Asmussen about his time with God of War.

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IamTylerDurden177d ago

I have little interest in deserters, unless of course they come back and make a Game of Gen like the recent GoW. Dr Marks, Stig, Adam Boyes are all dead to me. I kid.

CaptainIronbat76d ago

So Hironobu Sakaguchi too and Amy Henning perhaps? Bit harsh dont you think?

76d ago
TheColbertinator76d ago


He is a developer and seeks new opportunities for himself wherever they might be. Nothing wrong with that.

Additionally Stig stepped out but as we can all see after both him and Jaffe left, the God of War franchise is in good hands.

Melankolis76d ago

Fortunately, only a few companies are affected by a person or two left (even the important ones).
- Sony Santa Monica, David Jaffe & Stig Asmussen left.
- Naughty Dog, Amy Hennig left.
- Sony, Phil Harrison left.
The companies still okay though.

UltraNova75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

And yet all studios made far far better games after they left... coincidence?

No single person is so important that the general direction and focus of the studio can be derailed as long as they have one.

hulk_bash198776d ago

One of the biggest reasons I have faith that Fallen Order is gonna be is is in large part because Stig is involved. GOW3 is one of the best action games to come out of the PS3 generation.

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Blank76d ago

This was an interesting backstory of how the names came about for the game and Kratos. Although the fact marketing can effect artistic choices irks me a bit which I assume is the norm. It makes me wonder what other artistic changes were changed in other game franchises this was a good light article.

Sirk7x76d ago

Almost anything you've ever enjoyed as far as entertainment has had higher-ups with their hands in it. Some of the best ideas that people have ever had, that they poured their hearts into, someone told them it wasn't marketable and crushed it. Money money.

AK9176d ago

It's weird for me at this point as a fan of the GOW series I can't imagine any other name for Kratos other than well Kratos also they were really planning to call the series Dark Odyssey? That would have been so lame.

TopherMan76d ago

Says "Sophisticated_Chap" . lol

Knightofelemia76d ago

Glad they went with Kratos the name suits him and he looks like a Kratos. Stig sounds more like some biker name used in Sons of Anarchy.

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