Warframe Short Film Crafted By Upcoming Uncharted Movie Director Released

Director Dan Trachtenberg took the sage at TennoCon and unveiled a Warframe short film! Watch it now.

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cell989561d ago

I really want to play this game now

Nitrowolf2561d ago

yeah the new expansion looks insane, man the devs have really come a long way tbh. All these free content drop that put so many current AAA to shame like EA's and Activision titles, just insane the support they are able to give

Eidolon560d ago

Yeah, this is easily on the highest tier of free-to-play games.

victorMaje560d ago

You have no idea what you’re missing.
Do it!

REDGUM560d ago

that was really eye pleasing. I played it for a short time only as it got a little too confusing for me how in depth the menu systems went. I might just give it another go.

Spenok560d ago

So... was this an official video for an expansion pack or something?

ecchiless560d ago

nah, just a video for the game, so new ppl see this and then go and grab the game, theres two more videos for the next expansions, check the warframe channel