Tomb Raider: Underworld Demo Review

Lara Croft is a part of video game history. Many of us have fond memories of her original large breasted adventures on the PS1. The Playstation 2 wasn't as kind to Lara. Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness was a good game in my opinion, but it suffered from a lack of tombs, and decent gun play.

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Genesis54053d ago

Oh well. I am one of the die hard fans he refers to at the end. I'll be picking this up on the 18th.

MrWeymes4053d ago

I`m sure you`ll enjoy it. My complaint isn`t that the game is terrible, but the fact that the series isn`t really evolving.

Jimmy the Greek4053d ago

theyve been treading the same ground with this franchise since it began. regardless im still curious as to how well it performs.

DNAgent4053d ago

I knew it would be a flop.

You're better off waiting for Uncharted 2.

MrWeymes4053d ago

Well, this is my opinion on a demo, so don`t drop the flop bomb just yet. I`m sure it will be an enjoyable game overall, but it`s not the step forward that the series needs.

NaiNaiNai4053d ago

it was a "okay" demo. collision really sucked. >.> water was gorgeous looking though. but all in all, the gun fighting was terrible. >.> and i having a feeling it will be a flop. oh well no big loss for nainai

MrWeymes4053d ago

I don't think it will be a flop, but the gun play really needs to show some signs of life in the next game after Underworld. This isn't the Playstation 1 anymore.

cheapndirty4053d ago

I liked it. I played the first one on the Saturn in 1996.
This Lara Croft can do more. She is a more able Lara with new moves and abilities.

Legend had a bit too much gun fighting and not enough exploring. I am getting this one for sure.

MrWeymes4053d ago

That's pretty much nostalgia talking, isn't it? I understand, though. Even though the new Sonic the Hedgehog is probably going to get a 7.5 if it's lucky, I want to play it more than most games coming out.

Fade_Walker4053d ago

I don't know about all the other people but I didn't like the demo. It seemed the camera and the gun play were against you rather then help

MrWeymes4053d ago

I thought the gun play was very archaic, but I didn't have much trouble with the camera.

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