Chapter V The Exodus

Iain Howe shows us some insight into the world of Killzone.

Quoted from the article:

"The Exodus is a time of great change in our people's history. Not only does it represent the first grand project truly worthy of the Helghast spirit, but it marks the last time we knew betrayal from within. Too many of our former brothers and sisters failed to meet the challenge that the exodus provided. Far too many of them elected to remain on Vekta under ISA authority – we were too disgusted with them to protest. They have lost their chance forever to join the glorious Helghast ranks – modern Vektans are considered to be uniformly worthless regardless of their heritage, hopelessly softened by their easy lives.

Meanwhile, on Helghan's surface we were building the great refugee camps that would house the increased population. We had much to learn about our new home, and many new struggles to endure, but finally we were on the path to glory, the path righteousness and the path to victory.

We were on the path to becoming true Helghast!"

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