The PS5 and Xbox Two battle plan to repel Google Stadia advance revealed

Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Two set to adopt elite battle tactic in these troubled times for traditional gaming consoles

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Hardiman1361d ago

"Troubled times for traditional gaming consoles " lol a little dramatic wouldn't you say?!?! No I imagine if Sony continues what they are doing along with everything else that they are bringing to the table, they'll be just fine. Latency is a thing and it's the biggest hurdle for streaming.

You can't just magically say something and it happens. The Stadia is in for an uphill battle because of latency and the fact that quality games take talented people to make and it takes years to do this.

Film and tv are completely different animals compared to games especially games with the graphical fidelity that games have now.

Again it's not hard for me to see the PS5 being extremely successful because at this point Sony has so many talented devsdevs and those aforementioned studios and with it being BC and having a connected cross gen system they will be going into next gen strong.

ApocalypseShadow1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

It's just the usual doom and gloom articles Sony receives before every new launch.

Yes. The competition is higher. But Sony seems to handle their console business well with a proven track record.

I think Sony would be more worried about tariffs and world markets before Google Stadia and their legion of YouTube influencers.

And the fact that they sent their trillion dollar market cap competitor home with their tail between their legs that they can't even announce numbers unless it's useless metrics to look good instead of numbers that matter.

What's another near trillion dollar company to Sony? They eat them for breakfast. Then sit back and take a sip of sake.

lazyboyblue1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

Agree but you know Sony aren't a tiny underdog indie outfit dont you? They're a massive conglomerate.

Potnoodle9991360d ago

Hehe bit overboard but pretty much well said ☺️

traumadisaster1359d ago

Stadia is shit for me but imagine the wanna be gamer who can’t buy the next gen console and games for over $500 with games, I guess for cheap they can play day one.

AK911360d ago

Yup this definitely means Stadia wont be that successful.

bisunusimu1360d ago

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nucky641360d ago

so true. sony will have my money for ps5 as soon as i can preorder - i don't care about any of the other ways to game.

PhantomS421360d ago

All they need to do is cook up some popcorn. Stadia is going to crash and burn all by itself, I don't think I've seen anyone talk about it as a serious contender. Like the Ouya it's just a laughing stock.

AK911360d ago

They just need to make games that wont lag due to latency.

Ju1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

Which is a physical problem for the medium. There just isn't much you can do to cut down latency over long lines. Not even fiber. We are talking latency in the range of 33ms or below. All the services are above 100ms. I mean, I have the most advanced game streaming today - PS Now (yeah, it is, they are years ahead and a service you can actually buy today) but it has at least one frame delayed. And 60fps is not problem for PS Now at all..that is hardwired gigabit Ethernet on a fiber line into my living room. Google tries to sell stadia with a WiFi controller. This is hilarious. This automatically adds WiFi lag to every game, no matter how you wire it.

Tross1360d ago

They have had that for a very long time. It's called physical games and regular digital downloads.

lazyboyblue1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

I cant wait to stream games to my mobile device....... for free from my Xbox.
I know Google expect backlash from hardcore gamers but they're dreaming if they think casuals will buy full price games, pay extra for 4k and experience latency.
The whole thing is better pitched as a complimentary service to an existing platform like PS or Xbox.

Imo of course.

Tross1360d ago

What troubled times? Don't listen to the BS Google is spewing. They haven't even established themselves in the gaming market yet. I don't see their PoS with no exclusives selling very well.

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