Treyarch Is Teasing Something With New Viral Campaign Aimed at Influencers

Treyarch is cooking something up, and they're targeting influencers.

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Nitrowolf2276d ago (Edited 276d ago )

It’s probably for the alpha omega zombie event for bo4. nuketown zombie I bet

john416275d ago

Probably I always get a good laugh when influencers get involved it never seems to end well

sander9702276d ago

Unless it's the canceled SP campaign for Blops 4 being finally released I couldn't care less.

KyRo276d ago

Won't happen. I feel sorry for Treyarch right now. MW has got a massive buzz around it, new engine, animation system etc, had the time to address some major issues with previous COD games and take time to do it. Because Sledgehammer messed up their next COD game so badly, Treyarch have to pick up the peices and rush out another BO game knowing that everyone most likely going to compare it to MW with half the development time.

quenomamen276d ago

Another reason I dont buy Call it Doodie games, look here comes Jake Paul pushing the new COD game! Eff off.

DillyDilly276d ago

Who takes "Influencers" seriously ? I prefer the channels that does not sell out for free stuff & those that speak their mind not afraid of losing access or anything like that

Kostche275d ago

this the same Influencers that was pushing people to buy anthem... lmao, no thanks, i dont need some scrubs to tell me what to like and what not to like, influencers are cancer like the majority of gaming journalisim