Ve3tro: Killzone 2: Beta Nine Leaked screens Uh Oh..

Not even twenty-four hours after Europeans receiving the public codes for the Killzone 2 beta, pictures and videos are surfacing across forums and video hosting sites. Judging by these leaked sources Killzone 2 is going to be one beautiful game.

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SickNick853634d ago

OMG!!!! i can't see nothing like this

Fox013634d ago

OMG I can't wait to play this game on my Super Nintendo.

Seriously though, this is my number one game for early 2009, followed by Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil. Can't wait!

memots3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

I'm in the Beta and its Fn awesome.

Visually it beats every FPS out there. Control still need to get a little tighter but overall i extremely impress.

I'm out gonna go kill some nsa punk. :P

3634d ago
cyax3634d ago

I'm really excited about the future possibilities of the Killzone 2 engine. I'm hoping it can be some kind of UT3 engine equivalent for the PS3. With the extensive development time of KZ2 it would help Sony earn back some of the costs if they can use it amongst its 1st party development teams.

Giving the PS3 such a powerful engine would take away some of the negative comments about the PS3 being hard to develop for. Though I suppose it's still not a solution for lazy 3rd party developers making multiplat titles since the engine probably won't work well on non-Cell architecture.

And with the groundwork already done we won't have to wait as long for KZ3 :)

Kleptic3634d ago

God of War 3 is rumored to be using a lot of killzone 2's engine assets...

yeah I got into the beta yesterday...any concerns anyone has about 'is it fun' will be perfectly fine...if you like shooters that blend arcade and tactical components...this will be the pinnacle of that...and if you like class based multiplayer shooters, it will also set the standard in that area too...

this game will top even MGS4 I bet...If I knew nothing of the game, and nothing of the system playing it...and someone told me 'this is a launch title for the PS4'...I would believe them...

Cynical-Gamerzus3634d ago

THis is Sony's baby hope this pays off and delivers!!!
All I can say about this game is WOW!!!
looking at the Trailers is breath taking and Mid boggling!! and this is a first Gen Title!!!!

The dev time alone tells you how much is required to put in to get the Cell and RSX to fire off properly ,The effects and the wolrd is second to none!!!
Dont even compare this to shhshty Low def COD4 and Halo3 PC technology..
DOnt even go there friends..
This is True Engineering at its most advanced!!
ANd if GOD of War is using this technology I am so Excited For SOny!!

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Fishy Fingers3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

Look's great and these are off screen right? Where in hell is my beta code Sony?!

thor3634d ago

Fishy whilst I agree that the screens look great, having a screen in a lower res/off-screen etc. actually covers up artifacts, low-res textures and such so that it looks BETTER than an HD screen grab.

This is a common misconception and I often see people make comments like "it looks great even though it's crappy quality" - well of course, that's going to cover up any graphical flaws.

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theEnemy3634d ago

I wonder what will those people say when they see the final build of Killzone 2.

They're talking crap things like KZ2 is aiming too high when it's trailer is first showed in E3. And now GG managed to surpassed it even more!

ActionBastard3634d ago

When you get it Fishy shoot me an add- PSN: SuMizzle. I'd dig playing a game or two with any of ya. Anyways, it is absolutely, without a doubt, THE best looking console game I have ever had the pleasure of playing. The levels are gorgeous, well designed, multiple paths and LARGE. I have yet to have any issues while playing. Only trying to connect...twice.

jtucker783634d ago

I want to know how the Beta only comes to half a gig!
Look at those high res textures. They're amazing.
The Bioshock demo was nearly 2gig and this is only 500Mg or so.

Is the beta just much smaller do you think? (I don't know I'm not in it) Or are the maps quite small?

Kleptic3634d ago

thor...I see what you are saying, but after playing the beta for a few hours...I assure you...'graphical flaws' are something that Killzone 2 simply doesn't know how to perform...

remember those ridiculously good looking grabs of the 'insane ground textures' from PSU a few weeks ago?...yeah...there are refractive puddles on the ground everywhere...and the water is animated...I spent an hour today looking for a single goofed up texture...or a missing shadow...or anything...I couldn't find anything...the AA is great...the textures are better than anyone realizes (save those in the beta...EVERYTHING is normal mapped, almost everything reflects realistically, and EVERYTHING reacts to the muzzle flare of your weapon flawlessly)...

there are glitches, don't get me wrong...just can't find any graphical problems yet...and i've been looking hard...the beta forum narrowed down the graphical problems to a sandbag bunker on one level that doesn't react quite right to the lighting...I haven't seen it though...

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DeforMAKulizer3634d ago

The game is actually better than in the screens hehe!
Can't believe how freaking awesome it is!!!!!! =D
What astonishes me is that the beta is only 459 MB!

Kleptic3634d ago

yeah tiny little super compressed thing...its only 3 maps though, and 2 game modes...all the textures are compressed though according to GG, and they still look crazy...I don't know what is going to happen when we see the uncompressed stuff streamed of the blu ray release...

Daz3634d ago

Is the public beta in europe because i cant find it on psn?

does anyone know ?

Kleptic3634d ago

its still an invite only affair...check your email account linked to your PSN (whatever email address you used to create your account)...there was a random lottery of keys fired off to PSN users...that is where you will find it...if you didn't receive an 'accepted' message, you didn't get in...

if you do get however, there are instructions on how to download the beta...

ZmokeR3634d ago

@ Daz : you have to be invited (if you were in closed beta you get a mail),,, i belive it is that way.


LOOOLLL @ at you guys! (nott in a bad way :D!)
Yes those are ingame screens AND YES that is from the beta!
I was in closed beta, but my ps3 broke down =( (My little brother pushed it down in the floor :X)so i dont get it back now in 1-2weeks :(

But 4 you guys playing open beta for the first time..
I am happy 4 you =)
Have a fun time now! And what you think about it?
I remember the first time it loaded up the first map.

Daz3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

thx for the help. :)
Sucks i havent got a key. who do i have to kill to get one :P

cellypower3634d ago

The beta is awesome!- This is going to move me from COD4

MidnightProwler3634d ago

Your little bro deserves to be choked slammed. :P

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