Always play, never win

According to the Globe and Mail's game reporter, the joy of games is in the playing--as proven by a man who has never beaten his wife in the Xbox 360 movie trivia game Scene It?, yet isn't growing tired of trying. From the story:

"I still enjoy playing the Xbox 360 movie trivia game Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action with my wife despite never having once beaten her in dozens of matches. Keep in mind that I think of myself as a bit of a movie buff, and take pride in my knowledge of celluloid trivia. The problem is, so does my wife (in fact she trumps me in this respect; she once hosted her own radio show the subject of which was old movies).

I understand that I have little chance of ever defeating her, but I still enjoy trying. And when I lose I not only take pleasure in all of the answers I get right, I also marvel at her ability to answer questions that leave me stumped-rather like a golfer at the top of his game can only shake his head and smile when suffering defeat at the hands of the inestimable Tiger Woods.

And that's why when, upon bringing home the game's sequel, Scene it? Box Office Smash!, I immediately ripped off the plastic, plugged it in, and handed my wife one of the game's Big Button controllers...."

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creeping judas3659d ago

I play for fun. I usually play on normal, and rarely do I play on hard. The only games I play on hard setting are racing games.

And online, I'm usually in the middle of the pack. Never last and never 1st.

So yeah I play for fun!!