When will Disney get back into video games?

From "With the closing of Disney's $71.3bn acquisition of most of Fox' media properties, an updated image of the giant company's holdings went viral online. Showing all of Disney's interests and subsidiary companies on a single, appropriately Mickey-shaped diagram, it wasn't entirely clear whether it was meant to shock or impress -- but it certainly made clear the scale and reach of the company.

From its immensely popular parks and resorts via movie studios and TV networks through to print publishing, merchandising and licensing, Disney has its fingers in almost every pie related to entertainment. Moreover, thanks to an incredible series of acquisitions over the past decade or so, Disney owns a fairly dramatic slice of the world's most beloved entertainment franchises."

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Benoski925d ago

Never. They’ve pretty much already made it clear that they’re more than happy letting companies like EA ruin their franchises, rather than taking matters into their own hands. Why? Because money.

D3athc3ll925d ago

Hopefully never. We will get black Kratos or Indian Nathan Drake. Please god let them stay out of games. Mermaid is black now and I don't want Kratos Mexican and I don't want Solid Snake to be a Bushman... Geez plz fuck off Disney!

AK91925d ago

After what's happened to the Star Wars IP in gaming I hope never.

quent925d ago

EA and Disney are two and the same, both greedy and PC obsessed, biggest difference between them are the levels of ignorance they've shown when it come to they're fans of past games and movie's