Saiyanisland: Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm review

It goes without saying that Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm is the best looking game to ever grace the anime community. The amount of detail put into the character models, the multi-dimensional environments, and the special attacks is just breath taking! To complement those graphics, the fluidity of the character movement and the camera implementation is flawless. Your never stuck with a bad view, and your characters never become glitchy. It makes for the perfect game play experience! What else contributes to the perfect game play experience is the simplicity of the control scheme. Circle is for hand-to-hand combat, triangle is to charge your chakra, square is to throw shuriken, X is to jump, the D-pad is to throw various items, and L2/R2 are to block, and L1/R1 summon support characters. Pressing a combination of buttons allows you to pull of a string of combos and jutsus. The primary jutsu is triangle and circle, while the ultimate jutsu (which gives you a nice cinematic sequence) is triangle, triangle, circle. The controls are fully customizable, but the default scheme is very comfortable.

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kazan4048d ago

keep them coming :) what a great year for gamers.

kapedkrusader4048d ago

...the PS3 has come out with so many highly rated games lately.

Nitrowolf24048d ago

you know what they should do next, they should get cyber to do DBZ, and try to get it in a better looking cartoon graphic and should include the full story of DB all to DBGT all squished in a BD disc.

ArtisianDragon4048d ago

I would agree with you if DBZ had not been done so many times and on virtually every console. If anything we need at least an updated Legends and that's it. One that spans DBZ and a bit of GT. That way no one will have to buy anymore DBZ disks and we can let it fade into the darkness like it should have done when the show was over with. Graphics may or may not suffer, but for those who have played Legends I think it would be a great step worth taking.