GamerTM: MotorStorm: Pacific Rift Review

GamerTM writes: "If you rushed out to get a PS3 at launch, then there's a good chance you took home a copy of MotorStorm as well. And if that's so, we wouldn't blame you at all. Every new console has a launch game that automatically draws people towards it – and in the PS3's case, that game was MotorStorm. Sure, some may say that it wasn't the deepest or most technical of games, or suggest that its single location somehow denied it a sense of variation. But yet, none of those things mattered. Whether it was the sumptuous visuals, the high speed, accessible gameplay, or the intelligent level design with multiple routes and different surfaces that did much to level up the different vehicle classes, MotorStorm was the sort of game that epitomised why you bought a PS3 in the first place."

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