20° Little Big Planet Level Contest

Over at they are hosting a little big planet user created level contest. Click the jump to find out how to enter.

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SCEA3636d ago

sounds good to me, will be doin this for sure

TopNews3636d ago

we will update on the site when we decide on prizes for the winners, so send in your levels before nov. 20th

CliffyBs15YearOldBF3636d ago

I have been watching his vids for about a year and he has progressed so much. Im glad to see he is kind of a big name on the net now as far as ps3 gaming (well gaming in general) is concerned

DLB3636d ago

thanks cliff, im glad people appreciate the work we are all doing and were growing by the day, so if u got little big planet check this out and submit a level to us_army, and spread the word of the site ;)

us_army3636d ago

thanks for the support, ill update on the site on the status of the contest and what prizes will we awarded ect., just watch the vid and send in the email with your level