Gamer 2.0: NBA Live 09 Review

Gamer 2.0 writes: "With the NBA season underway, it's time for the virtual basketball season to get underway, as well. EA's pushed hard to build upon the solid foundation they had with last year's game with the new DNA and NBA Live 365 features to revamp the foundation of the gameplay for NBA Live 09. So does NBA Live 09 make the necessary steps to ensure that it's the contender that it had the potential to be with last year's entry?

The big, hyped new feature for NBA Live 09 is the DNA attribute system that attempts to simplify those numbers that try to define what makes up a player's skills. It's nice have and seems to do its job well, but can still be a bit more complicated than a lot of people will care about. This happens because during a game, you'll see a DNA pop-up next to the score box for every shot that's made, letting you know whether that's a usual move for your player or not, along with showing DNA updates at the end of the game before you can exit back to the menu. The new NBA Live 365 feature works with this to provide daily updates to every player's DNA based on what happens the night before along with any roster updates that happen, which works as expected and kind of shows that rosters don't really change as much as you'd think. It's certainly nice to have whenever you want the latest update to start a new dynasty or the newest rosters whenever you want to get online, but it's not the greatest feature to have ever happened to sports games."

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