World of WarCraft Performance check on MacBooks

OS-Informer took the latest MacBook and MacBook Pro, installed Windows Vista beside of Mac OS X, and looked how well World of WarCraft performs on the latest Notebooks by Apple. The Conclusion: With more than 30 fps (Mac Os X version)average both MacBook and MacBook Pro are good equipped to play the worlds most famous MMORPG. Performing the same benchmarks (and Cinebench R10) shows that Windows Vista can't compete with Mac OS X on Apple Hardware. What a surprise.

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thesithfreak3659d ago

i had 140 FPS if not higher on WoW with my macbook pro GeForce 8600 M GT

robotnik3658d ago

You don't need a top notch computer for WoW, that's the secret of it success.

NaiNaiNai3657d ago

i wonder if they where running any 40 man raids. i know cause i play. 30 frames is easy to pull in the game. but to keep it going with settings at full in a raid, >.> even low in a raid is a pain half the time.