In-Depth: Eye To Eye With EyeToy

Sony's EyeToy project started out as a visual controller prototype that used a USB camera to try and achieve controller-free interaction with the PlayStation 2, bundled at launch with the EyeToy: Play minigame collection.

To date, sales have been quite successful -- more than 10.5 million PS2 EyeToy cameras have been sold worldwide. And as the PlayStation 2 still retains its significant user base while the PS3's progress is slower, Sony has powerful incentives to continue to support PS2 peripherals like EyeToy.

At GameCity in Nottingham, Sony's Sandy Spangler gave a presentation on the history of the EyeToy, discussing how software development for the peripheral would be aimed at putting the player in the game world, rather than making use of physical props.

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sinncross4056d ago

Eyetoy Hero looks absolutely sweet!!!

It has 1:1 ratio tracking, can you imagine? The wii needs 1:1 only after that motionplus device.

Regardless, I really hope developers start using the playstation eye now... why Sony havent bothered with an HD eyetoy kinetic game is beyond me...