If Valve won’t make Half-Life 3, maybe one of these studios could

Gabe Newell's omni-studio might not have the appetite for Half-Life 3 anymore - but these developers could do it.

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Sciurus_vulgaris1367d ago

Dambuster Studio, seriously ?

THC CELL1367d ago

Someone should make in dreams on ps4

thatguyhayat1367d ago

Thats most likely to happen since theres a sonic Kirkby game and a playstation all stars battle royal sequel happening on that too

Profchaos1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

It's interesting but after all this time i don't think it's possible to launch a HL3 game without disappointing fans in some way.
Do they keep the old mechanics and risk the game feeling dated?
Do they overhaul the game play systems to be more competitive and risk alienating hardcore fans?
Who writes the story as the writers from the original have long since parted ways with valve?
Is it even worth it? HL2 ep 2 was released in 2007 games have evolved dramatically in the past 12 years and the same techniques and story devices have been surpassed these days and valve hasn't released a fully story driven game since portal 2 in 2011 (even that's a little debatable as to how much story it had IMO it was light on story intentionally but lots of fun).

Most fans have developed their own theories and there are so many possibilities out there with the direction the story could have went maybe Valve don't want a 3 because it will never live up to fans and their own story they create after ep 2.

If we see anything HL related from vavle i would prefer it to be set around an entirely new cast

porkChop1367d ago

Arkane is the only dev on this list that would remotely fit or make sense.

SickSinceSix1367d ago

They were working on Half-Life 2: Episode 4 before it got cancelled

CBaoth1366d ago

Gearbox did the expansions for Half-Life; Blue Shift & Opposing Force. They also served as a liaison between Sony and Valve during the early years, creating Half-Life Decay for the PS2. Arkane would be a decent second choice if Viktor Antonov is still there

porkChop1366d ago

I know Gearbox has worked on Half Life before, but I didn't think the expansions were any good. I don't think they're a good fit for HL3.

chazjamie1367d ago

How is this a topic worth writing about?

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The story is too old to be commented.