PALGN: Dead Space Review

PALGN writes: " The horror genre in gaming has been dominated by two franchises: Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Other titles have come along and tried to shock gamers in a variety of ways, but a lot ended up just shocking them with terrible gameplay. However, time has seen Resident Evil take up a slightly different direction from the original titles and Shinji Mikami is no longer at the helm, while Silent Hill hasn't been the same since the original developers moved on to other things. Just as the genre was starting to look a little empty, along comes EA with their brand new horror IP, Dead Space. While it's no secret that EA have had a fractured relationship with the treatment of some franchises and developers, it seems that they've gotten something right this time round.

Dead Space tells the story of a crew answering a distress call from an inter-stellar mining ship, the Ishimura. Upon a bumpy arrival, they soon find that the faeces have hit the fan and this gigantic space vessel has been overrun by a hyper aggressive and dangerous alien lifeform known as the necromorphs. These fiendish beast feast on and reanimate dead flesh. You play as engineer Isaac Clarke, who needs to use his mechanical know-how to somehow get his backside off the ship in one piece, as well as try to find his missing love interest Nicole, who was stationed on the Ishimura. The story is told through a series of radio conversations as well as audio and text logs that you pick up along the way. While not an original delivery, it's handled extremely well, as details are only fed to you bit-by-bit, giving you incentive to keep going."

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