Editorial: Will Xbox Live Survive 2008 Holiday Stress?

Derrick Schommer ponders if it's even possible for Microsoft to avoid the same Live downtime that the service suffered last year, and what sort of affect it will have on new subscribers.

"Although a fully loaded Xbox Live service is money in the bank, how much money will Microsoft lose when gamers login for the first time to a service in a state of destruction? People say first impressions are extremely important, but Microsoft makes a poor first impression every holiday."

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pp3633d ago

Pathetic talk about Sony PSN lag everyday.

JonahFalcon3633d ago

What does this have to do with PSN?

Fox013633d ago

PSN always down (LBP or SOCOM servers) so I doubt it'll survive this holiday stress. XBL on the other hand, if they can survive the NXE update (about 15 million people downloading the update...), then they'll survive this holiday season with ease.

Stryfeno23633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

No it will not...Live is an excellent service that all gamers want to be a part of.

JonahFalcon3633d ago

It's a great service - but its popularity is also a problem when millions log onto it at the same time.