'Resistance 2' Let Me Experience A Destroyed San Francisco

From the source: "Even though I say I'm from Chicago, I'm not. Most of my life was spent growing up in a suburb outside of the windy city, and my college years were in the middle of a cornfield (the same town where "Saints Row" developer Volition is).

I've never seen a movie or played a video game that rendered a place I was intimately familiar with - a place I called home - as rubble. But I've been in San Francisco for a year and a half now, a place I'm happy to call my second home, and "Resistance 2? gave me a taste of what that's like."

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Mr PS34048d ago

Just sat back and Chilled and Watched in Awe as the Alien Invasion of San Francisco Passed overhead
This is One amazing looking level

Daz4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

Ive had this game for 2 days now and its not as good has the internet been saying but i love coop mode(thats all i play).
The big boss battle was not as good as i thought it would be, 320ft monster thing, titans are better :P, i would of like to do more things other then shoot rocket launchers at it :P. but hey everyone has a different opinion. Only level 7 with soldier online.

disagree for what? saying what i feel about the game in a non fanboy way? is that a crime? Properly on this site :P

BUt a good game all in all.

Ben10544048d ago

another couple of disagrees,
and maybe a minus bubble while im at it.

dont worry i go around pressing disagree on all of your coments, its cool

Daz4048d ago

WHats the point are you that sad?

Ben10544047d ago

to worry about disagrees