The Outer Worlds team talks Microsoft acquisition, Game Pass and RPG choice

The Outer Worlds aims to be a boundless RPG, putting player choice front and center. Windows Central sat down with Obsidian Entertainment to discuss the journey so far, and what lies ahead.

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akbennyewu107d ago

Independent of Game Pass (which I do enjoy), this game looks wonderful.

Gamepass or not, it is better that this title is enjoyed by as many people as possible.

indysurfn107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

Looks like a cool shooter to me when I look at this E3 gameplay trailer.

Just jump to the 1:39 mark to see real gameplay.

akbennyewu107d ago

Thanks for that, game looks great.

indysurfn104d ago

Hope you noticed that Shrink ray. That was awesome! I will shrink a fool and stomp them!

SyntheticForm106d ago

Looking forward to this one. Game Pass is just a sweetener.

akbennyewu106d ago

I agree, a cool extra that it was able to be included and a bit surprising. It's also awesome it has zero impact on any of the other planned releases; it's the best of both worlds!