Turn 10 Discusses Development of the Next Forza Motorsport

SG: "...with an extra year of development, and powerful new hardware on the horizon, Turn 10 is looking to the future of the series."

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Sciurus_vulgaris109d ago

Do something besides Forza. The most recent Forza Motorsports games that have been released have been outperformed by the Horizon games.

Obscure_Observer109d ago


Who would guess that an open world more arcade game would appeal more to the masses than a closed circuit hardcore SIM game? /S

As long Turn 10 continue to deliver top notch quality games, we Forza fans will continue to support. ;)

gamingunited109d ago

I dunno GTSport sold 8 million, I guess there must be a pretty big market for "good" sim racers.

Knushwood Butt109d ago

Since when is Forza Motorsport a hardcore sim?

derektweed1108d ago


Last I heard GT sport was estimated to have 7.7 million Players. Not sold.

IRetrouk108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

Was shown to be 8 mill with that investor third point deep dive into sony, all of sonys stuff was broken down in it, including their games sales. Would you like the link?

Brazz108d ago

Forza Motorsport isn't a "hardcore sim", Forza is a simcade very casual friendly.

BizarroUltraman108d ago


you can make it a hardcore sim. seems to those with same sentiment never bothered with the difficulty settings.

aconnellan107d ago


No offence mate but I think you’re the one that needs the link.

“More than seven million profiles have played GT Sport“

No mention of sales anywhere, just the number of profiles that have played. As the rest of N4G likes to remind us that’s supposedly not good enough, right?

IRetrouk107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

I take it you didnt read the a stronger Sony investor report, here have a look https://www.astrongersony.c...
Click on review our presentation, eventually you get to the game sales, see what it says next to gt sport, 8 mill, also notice the source? Company disclosure.

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Vasto109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

Every racer has been out performed by the Horizon games. Horizon is just the best ever.

King_Noctis108d ago

That is just like asking for Polyphony to do something else beside GT.

IRetrouk108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

Poly has made more than just gt, they made those moto toon racers before gt, they also made omega boost after gt 1 and tourist trophy after gt 4.

King_Noctis108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

Yes but the point is right now Polyphony is widely known as the the studio that develop GT, just like Turn 10 with Forza.

And don’t forget that Polyphony exists way longer than Turn 10 (since 1994 based on Wikipedia).

IRetrouk108d ago

I dont think they should by the way, they do good with motorsport just pointing out it's possible.

Automatic79109d ago

Keep the quality and aesthetics and give us a refreshing new Forza.

shaggy2303108d ago

Personally, I'd like some sort of "campaign" added to Forza Motorsport.

You play as a young racer who starts out in say "banger racing" and then you have to qualify for races, do seasons and rise up through the ranks.

At the very least they should change the lineup for each race. Sick and tired of always starting at the back of the pack needing to finish top 3.

someone72108d ago

Im excited. Im one of those people who buys the ultimate edition as a preorder each year a forza game comes out, knowing that ill sink in 200+ hours.(only exception to the 200 hour rule was the less than stellar forza 5. (Which i think is probably why they are giving this buffer year between consoles)

So knowing that they will have more time and get this right for the next gen, im pretty excited.