First Impressions: Left 4 Dead (GamingNexus)

John of GamingNexus takes a look at the Left 4 Dead demo that's hit the scene on the PC and comes away wanting more.

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GWAVE4053d ago

I know that Left 4 Dead is all about the co-op, but it will have to really impress me. I'm currently playing 8-player co-op in Resistance 2 with 75 enemies in the area at a time and I doubt Left 4 Dead can top that.

fufotrufo4053d ago

"I think Valve has another winner on their hands here."

Nice..Valve is great ..lets hope they deliver again

Fox014053d ago

Wow, the same company created Half-Life, Counter Strike, Team Fortress, Portal and now this! They remind me of one other company... Blizzard; they're the best at what they do.

hay4052d ago

Actually CS was made by two guys in '99 as a half life mod. It later received Valve's support and evolved. Good ol' times with beta.

CLOUDJU4052d ago

Damn it...November is an expensive month.

silvacrest4052d ago

But it is also the best month for everything else
think about it....

y0haN4052d ago

Pros for november: Obama+Left 4 Dead, cons: college coursework deadlines.. :(

tatotiburon4052d ago

i put it this way:

Epic==Infinity Wars
Infinity Wars>>>Insomniac

VALVE>>>>>> >>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>id

Fox014052d ago

Valve = King of shooters
Blizzard = King of RPGs

4052d ago
Firstkn1ghT4052d ago Show
pp4052d ago

Another AAA game exclusively for xbox360 this is definatly going to be a great year for all Xbox360 owners.

BLUR1114052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

What about for the desperate N4G sony fanboys ? :(

oh welp let them continue to watch BLU-RAY on their ps3
but they can play Resistance but they should just play halo 3 for that matter since you know...

Resistance is one big knock off of halo.

vmartin124052d ago

lol, its for PC too so its not an exclusive

and PC > 360 :)

4052d ago
Stickguy2594052d ago

Because playing games on my large TV is better than playing on a (relatively) small monitor. Plus, more of my friends have Xbox 360's than can run it on their computers.

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The story is too old to be commented.