PSP Homebrew: PSP v03-11-2008

Currently, the following problems are identified, depending on your situation, please replace.

Regular Edition

* 1.M33 to use extended memory to run the applications you use, 32M to load the Lomb
* And crashes. (4M second half of the region can not be used?)
* If used on 2.IR Shell, in a road crash Lomb.
* The PSP-2000 expansion in the region are using the memory, because it can not be used.

M33 Version

* 1. Extended memory at once M33 to run applications that use the M33 after the extended memory without specifying
* We can use.
* So, does not support the application may cause problems. The cause of the above 1.
* 2. At the same time the use of plug-ins and crashes.
* (PspStates Experiment, MacroFire, aute mute, etc.)

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