Do you recall the first time a game freaked you out?

As a gamer, it’s hard to forget the first game that freaked you out badly. Do you recall the first time a game freaked you out?

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Orionsangel444d ago

Yes in the early 80's on the Atari 5200. Unknown to me at the time the game Rescue on Fractalus had a jump scare. Pretty much a non-thing in gaming back then. The scare happens when the person your rescuing is running towards your ship. Most of the time when the scare is about to happen the person you're picking up looks green skinned, but on rare occasions the skin looks normal and the jump scare happens anyway. The first time it happened to me happened to be a time when it looked like a normal human running to my ship. The scare came out of no where and nearly made me fall out of my chair as I let out a high pitch scream. It seems silly now but when you're a kid in the dark at 2am with the volume on the TV blaring loudly it gets you.

Rhaegar077444d ago

I can definitely see this freaking me out too! If you ever want to share any gaming stories, do not hesitate to reach out through any of our social media channels or sending me an email at [email protected] :)

HaveSumNuts443d ago

San Andreas when I discovered the cheat code for the jetpack

CloudStrife900444d ago (Edited 444d ago )

Project Zero (Fatal Frame in other regions) for me... THAT really got under my skin.

Snookies12444d ago (Edited 444d ago )

Tomb Raider 2... On PS1... Those damn Tigers. It was the only game I refused to play at night. Resident Evil 3 and Condemned got me as well, and the original Slender freaked me out. Other than that, not much got to me.

THC CELL444d ago

Resident evil 1 when spider jumped off ceiling

IRetrouk444d ago

Resi 1 dogs through the window is the one I remember the most.

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The story is too old to be commented.