Three Single-Player Games to Watch Out for in July 2019

July, the middle of winter down here in Australia. Even in the bizarre New South Wales climate, the biting cold makes for a great excuse to stay inside and play games.  Here are three of the best single-player games of the month.

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RizBiz475d ago

Heh, "cold." Ok, Aussie.

assassin2k475d ago

I was thinking the same. What is cold to an aussie?

RizBiz475d ago

One of my buddies here is from Melbourne. "Cold" there is 0 degrees. 🤭

assassin2k475d ago

@RizBiz centigrade? In the UK that's average for winter but minus 10-15 is more common now with the climate emergency.

thedr904470d ago

Yet in the UK, 28°C is apparently a heatwave—a.k.a. a regular day in Australia. 😉