The Intellivision Amico is Real and its Goals Are Commendable | Dualshockers

In the shadow of next-gen consoles, the Intellivision Amico is attempting and may succeed in recapturing some of the Wii's magic.

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Vits454d ago

I'm very curious regarding this console. However, nothing that they showed about it until now make me want to buy it.

Tross454d ago

People like us who play games are apparently not the target audience here. I’m pretty sure the actual target audience would much rather keep playing Toon Blast on their phones than shell out for a more dedicated device though, so I don’t see this doing very well.

Vits453d ago

Indeed, I also don't see it doing very well sales wise. But as a piece of gaming hardware it's a very interesting device.

Segata454d ago

Wii launched the pre-iPhone era. Wii games did not have mandatory exclusive games only. Wii also had a familiar chipset. That market Wii captured went to Smartphones. $200 you get your kid a 3DS or a PS4/Xbox on sale. Every advantage Wii had Amico does not. Wii was the right time and place that can't be replicated. Nintendo has even said that the market is dried up and they are not pursuing it any longer. This thing is DOA.

JackBNimble453d ago

Now everyone has a smartphone, that's all the casual really needs. I agree , wii's biggest advantage was pre-smartphone.

jznrpg454d ago

The Wii is dead , why try and tap into a dead market?

HusbandAndWifeGaming454d ago

Couch co-op and remakes of Intellivision classics? I'm definitely interested.

Orionsangel454d ago

The controls make no sense in 2019. It's bold to use the old disc shaped control for movement and a screen and side buttons. It's really outdated and taking a gamble imo. It'll be interesting though to read reviews.

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