Top 10 Gaming Controversies (That Were Totally Lame)

It doesn't take much to get people riled up. The next thing folks know, there's outrage over some gameplay element, design decision, or character. Here are ten times a big deal was made over the silliest sorts of things in games.

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2pacalypsenow648d ago

Forgot the whole 'RE5 is racist" because you have a white character killing black zombies in a country mostly populated by black people.

BlackDoomAx647d ago

Omg, that was really a thing? I played it at the time and it didn't ring my bell at all xD

Chocoburger647d ago

Unfortunately, yes.

Its important to take story context into perspective here. The Umbrella Corporation is taking advantage of the impoverished people of Africa, by performing experiments on them, far away from the eyes of 24/7 newscasters.

Given the context, the game makes sense.

BlackDoomAx647d ago

Oh yeah, I remember now. There was a movement called 'black zombies lives matter'.

SinkingSage647d ago

Not on the article because this writer would clearly have agreed with the stance that RE5 is racist, it's pretty obvious by the choice of controversies / words.

DeadlyAzuril647d ago

The very first example just shoes how retarded the author is.

2pacalypsenow647d ago

Yeah I looked at the authors picture, and that says everything I need to know about him.

AK91647d ago

This is sadly now a requirement for being a game journo these days.

GOODKylePS647d ago

Calls people retarded for having an opinion and confuses shoes for shows 🙄

Juusterey647d ago

It's called a misspelling

DeadlyAzuril643d ago

What's the problem Kyle, got some sand in your vagina?

corpsemaker647d ago (Edited 647d ago )

For me it’s Battlefield 5’s women. Is it really that big of a deal to have both genders represented in a game AND are not forced to play as a female

Iberius647d ago

I’m not sure it was simply being able to play as a woman per say, but rather (or at least also) the historical revisionism in the story mode, going a bit overboard with the charter design, censoring words and phrases in chat based on race and historical groups.

Oh and that whole don’t like it don’t buy it fiasco. Actually, you could probably find at least ten controversies just with Battlefield 5 : P

AK91647d ago

Ugh multi page article no thanks

zeal0us647d ago

Jax ending in MK11 was one of the dumbest controversies. People were mad over a non-canon ending.

Silly gameAr647d ago

Yeah, I was wondering what kind of person would get so triggered over that.

So stupid.

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The story is too old to be commented.