World War Z Review - "Zombie online action by the numbers" | MGL

Neal believes WWZ is fun but not exactly special title in this World War Z review.

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Crazyglues807d ago (Edited 807d ago )

It's fun, that's all that really matters.... if your team-mates are trash then it's a pain but when they are good, it's a lot of fun just running through waves of zombies, I like it, it's nothing special, but if your looking for a video game, just a simple video game, with no expectations, then it's fun to just run and gun.... it's not about story, it's not about play mechanics, it's arcade video game in every sense of the word...

See Zombies, Kill Zombies.... just mindless video game fun

plmkoh807d ago

The game gets good if you start playing straight away on lvl 4 to 5 difficulty. Only then does team tactics and weapon strategy come in play.

zeal0us807d ago

For $30 it's a decent game. If you like L4D then you may end up liking this game. It follows a similar format.