PlayStation talent acquisition lead joins Xbox Game Studios

Fiona Cherbak, formerly talent acquisition lead at Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios, where she was responsible for staffing God of War, is now working at Microsoft. Her current focus is on staffing up The Initiative, the new Xbox studio led by Darrell Gallagher, the former head of development at Activision and Square Enix.

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HighPlayer28112d ago

The Initiative studio has most of the talent in the industry so it would be surprising to me if their games will not match Sonys rpgs exclusives.

gamingunited112d ago

No, GaaS is not in the same league as the games Sony made on PS4.

Also you might want to look up what a RPG is.

HighPlayer28112d ago

Most of Sonys best exclusives are sp rpgs so maybe you should look up the definition. And according to Sony they will push ps now harder next gen so its not only Microsoft going that route.

King_Noctis112d ago

You already know what game The Initiatives is developing?

Kribwalker112d ago

MS has released less GAAS games then sony this gen. Hell, every year we get a MLB game that’s a GAAS. GTsport, Drawn to death, if you’re counting halo 5 and Gears 4 you’d have to count Last of us remastered and UC4, as they all had a full SP campaign but MT filled MP. If you actually read the wiki on GAAS, it includes games with expansions and DLC as GAAS is defined as a way to monetize after the initial purchase vs games like god of war or quantum break which are one time purchases and known as Games as a Product. So if you have MTs or paid for DLC it can be considered GAAS

darthv72112d ago

Well... technically wouldnt ALL games be considered RPG's? I mean you are playing the role of the main character.... aren't you?

Christopher112d ago

@kribwalker: That's very misleading what you said about the Wiki entry.

"represents providing video games or game content on a continuing revenue model, similar to software as a service. Games as a service are ways to monetize video games either after their initial sale, or to support a free-to-play model."

Notice is says 'GaaS -->are ways to<-- monetize video games'. It doesn't say it's all the ways. The first part specifies what it is.

Expansions are not at all GaaS as they're standalone purchases with their own content.

You could argue certain DLC is like that, but it's not ongoing service in that it's put out and that's it. DLCs more often than not are limited and not ongoing. There are some that are, such as SFV characters and costumes. But that's not the same as, say, Far Cry DLC which in of themselves are completely new experiences detached from the core game.

So, trying to lump expansions and *all* DLC into GaaS is extremely misleading on your part there. Extremely misleading to include expansions at all. That's essentially saying sequels are GaaS as well.

Christopher112d ago

***No, GaaS is not in the same league as the games Sony made on PS4. ***

Is it in the same league as Overwatch? Fortnite? RDR2?

***And according to Sony they will push ps now harder next gen so its not only Microsoft going that route.***

PS Now is a subscription service for games, it's not GaaS. That would be specific to the games themselves, not the subscription service for game access.

NXFather112d ago

Well we don't really know what Microsoft's games are gonna be next gen only that they were sorry this gen by many people's opinion.

rainslacker112d ago


Yeah, MS has released less games in general than Sony. it's no feat to release fewer GaaS games, when MS is making it a point to say how they're all for GaaS, or put their games behind a service which essentially makes it a game you play on a subscription service.

Not all GaaS games are bad, it's usually the method by which they're released and supported that makes them bad. MS hasn't really had what I'd call bad GaaS releases, nor has Sony.

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yomfweeee112d ago

Initiative has most of the talent in the industry? The hell?

HighPlayer28112d ago

So your telling me the devs from God of War Spider-Man Tomb Raider Last of Us are not the most talented studio formed in the industry? Name another studio that has that much talent working on ips.

SamPao112d ago

@HighPlayer28 maaaaybe the studios themselfs that you just mentioned olololol

THC CELL112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

Nice spin highplayer 28 clap. Clap. But your brain is not thinking stright sadly. Sony and Nintendo have the best development team xbox will never have. Ever

BTW they did bungie

Christopher112d ago

***So your telling me the devs from God of War***

Didn't know talent acquisition also did development.

***are not the most talented studio formed in the industry***

Probably not. I mean, there's the people who made RDR2 and the people making Cyberpunk 2077. I think they might be competition alone, let alone the other studios you mentioned where those people hired from them weren't likely the keystone to all things successful with those games.

No Way112d ago Show
rainslacker112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

Talent is abound in the industry. There are talented people at every studio, more at the good ones. The biggest thing about talent is if the management is talented, and can lead a team to make something great.

Just look at all the industry greats that went indie, who were part of a bigger publisher, where they had some direction on how to lead. They had the resources to have multiple leaders. They went indie, and their next game wasn't all that great. That's because they may be great designers, or engineers, but aren't capable of leading a team.

Not saying MS studios don't have good leaders, just that it isn't all about the sum of the parts, rather if you have someone that knows how to put those parts together to make a smooth running machine.

There are studios out there that you don't even get an interview with unless you have talent. Outside of interns, every single person there is the best at what they do, and even the interns are selected among some of the best available through various programs. They can do that because they have everyone applying. They got there because they knew how to lead their people to make great games.

Potnoodle999111d ago

Agreed, it’s whether the management can both design a great game and lead a team. Not every dev is as talented as Hideo Kojima who does pretty much everything.... in fact no one is, he’s one of a kind by a long shot!

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BLow112d ago

I'm confused to why y'all are always celebrating Sony devs going to MS studios. I thought all Sony games are trash? Why would you want trash developers joining MS? Y'all really make no sense.....

ThinkThink112d ago

Not a developer, it was a talent acquisition role.

Livingthedream112d ago

Don't know anyone who says Sony Devs are trash, that includes Xbox fan boys.

Elda112d ago

Most sp exclusives released this generation on the PS4 were not rpg's.

112d ago
Elda112d ago Show
yomfweeee112d ago Show
P_Bomb112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

So Oregon, Colorado, Madagascar and Midgard were all emotional forests and those games had no other locations whatsoever? Who knew. Sorry Helheim.

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KwietStorm112d ago

What are these exclusive RPGs you're talking about?

rainslacker112d ago

Horizon was kind of an RPG. It had heavy RPG elements. God of war had them, but it was not as deep. Same as Spider-Man

I guess it's a form of action RPG, although it's more just a cross-pollination of different genres that happen over the years. Even BOTW isn't really an RPG like we used to think of them, but a mix of action RPG, and western style RPG elements. The term RPG is just not as meaningful as it used to be.

I wouldn't say Sony has any "true" RPG's this gen...outside maybe NiNoKuni which was 2nd party. Maybe there is something I'm forgetting though.

SCW1982112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

Is this post a joke? If it’s not you clearly don’t realize how this industry works.

Potnoodle999111d ago


Phew sorry... really had to get that out of my system.

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Zabatsu2112d ago

Wonder how much money MS threw out this time.

ILostMyMind112d ago

She was not a Sony employee.

Zabatsu2111d ago

Bit salty here I see. Valid question nonetheless and definitely not far from the truth.

rivaldoo777112d ago

Hope they make something good. It looks like they got the A tier talents, now they need S tier creative directors like Neil or Corry.

Potnoodle999111d ago

Not sure why the disagrees, this is 100% true. Nowhere have we seen an s tier dev in here or a director with the chops of Neil or cory...

rivaldoo777111d ago

It's actually really rare. I feel like playground games director is pretty good.

GamesAsAService112d ago

Microsoft seems to be moving in the right direction. Outside of the games themselves, Microsoft has been positioning themselves as the most customer friendly of the big three. And now they are putting all of their time in resources into creating and supporting talented studios to make great games for xbox (Their one area of greatest weakness). The fruits of their labour should be seen sometime in the near future. This is honestly exciting.

I mean if we look at it from an economic perspective, Microsoft could pour insane amounts of money into game development and no other game company could compete in terms of spending. In the past, despite their vast warchest, they were focused on the wrong things (Kinect, TV, services, etc...). But now the company is laser focused on games. The combination of a focus on games and the financial backing they can provide is a combination made in heaven. Supporting creators that would otherwise be overlooked is something they CAN take risks with. They really want to put the stigma of not having games behind them, and they are putting their money where their mouth is.

Potnoodle999111d ago

They’ve been trying... Shame the one keystone that is most important has been missing for a decade making this all pointless... games... where are ANY GOTY level games.

Zabatsu2111d ago

Customer friendly my ass. I work with Microsofts products every day and their entire sell pitch is in regards to how cheap and great everything is, there's nothing better because *insert bullshit rant*. When they've reeled people in, all the crap comes together. Increase in prices, MT, you name it. Splicing services to be able to increase costs. People are so shortminded. I too hope Xbox in the future will be excempt of crap like this, but their history speak for itself.

GamesAsAService110d ago

I would still say that compared to where they were at the beginning of the xbox one gen, vs to where they are now you can see the improvement in the right direction. Microsoft game pass is insane value and will include all first party titles, they are leading in their cross play commitment, backwards compatibility, and the DO have a renewed focus on games. This does signal to me a movement to customer friendly decisions even if they are not directly benefiting the xbox brand itself. It could even be argued that a commitment to cross play, and games pass now being on PC hurt the xbox brand. But these moves are better for the consumer. Allowing us to play where we want, and on whatever device we want (whether they be Microsoft devices or not). And this is all without factoring XCloud and the impact it will have in increasing the potential audience.

Vasto112d ago

Welcome to Xbox Game Studios!

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