UGO Resistance 2 review

The editor writes:-

"Resistance 2 delivers a value-packed experience which is on par with last year's Orange Box. This isn't just a single massive game we're talking about either. Rather, it's three wholly independent yet interconnected games which together form one of the best reasons to own a PS3 this year. "

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The only console in 2008 with no AAA exclusive is the Xbox 360

Mr PS34046d ago

Just Started Campaign
And this Game if Better than i Expected !!
And i Knew it Would be Awsome
Well Done Insomniac
Awsome Game

AngryHippo4046d ago

....and in it was a fake news paper regarding the chaimeran attack in the 1950's. It has info on a leviathan being spotted in Chicago, the weapons, the anatomy of the chaimera. Its such a clever and amazing bit of marketing. I loved it.