8.6 Valkyria Chronicles Review writes: "Valkyria Chronicles gets so much right it's a real shame that the few faltering steps it does make are all linked to the core gameplay. Visually and aurally it's a real tour de force, the plot pretty much stays the right side of the crazy line and on the whole combat feels fresh and well designed. There are a few hiccups and they do take the gloss off things more than the rest of the game deserves, but they shouldn't be enough to put you off. Tactical RPG fans should love this while the rest of you aren't going to find a better reason to give the genre a go anytime soon."

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tatotiburon4048d ago

i seriously want this game, i just love good RPG's

Nineball21124048d ago

get this game! It might be at Christmas or thereafter, but it looks too good and unique to pass up.