IGN: Tech Fetish Podcast, Episode 34

Tune in this week for episode 34 of IGN Gear's Tech Fetish podcast. Host and editor of IGN Gear, Scott Lowe is joined by Tech Fetish regulars Dan Iverson and Rich George. Wrapping up more than a week's worth of tech news, gets immediately into reports that AT&T have begun implementing internet data caps in test markets. The trio discusses the motives behind AT&T's recent data cap implementation, as well as the dangers therein. The discourse quickly spins off into related shady-dealings within the tech industry, such as a recent controversy over Best Buy's calibration service. More specifically, the service is marketed and sold to consumers by comparing a standard definition signal to a high-definition signal.

Continuing on to less-than-favorable hardware performance, the group discusses the seemingly short-sighted release of the Guitar Hero World Tour drum kit. Shortly after reports that the peripheral suffered poor sensitivity in its hit detectors, RedOctane released its Drum Kit Tuner software, which many seem to believe is more work than it is worth.

From there the discussion continues to spur off into minor tangents before landing on the new Windows 7 operating system. The group chimes in with their opinions on Microsoft's recent attempts to improve on the highly debated Vista software. Wrapping things up, the discourse lands on the various tech-oriented policies of recently elected President Barack Obama.

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