Mobius Final Fantasy Reveals Summer Event With Bathing Suits

Square Enix revealed details for an upcoming summer event for their mobile RPG Mobius Final Fantasy, available now on PC and iOS and Android devices.

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DaniMacYo933d ago

An Erection in 3,2,1 😳

franwex933d ago

He has a nice body, right?

meka2611933d ago

Uh oh don't let any SJW's see that, sex is bad mmkay.

NecrumOddBoy933d ago

Only straight hetero sex is bad. Unless you mean sex as in gender, then that is super duper bad and @AOC is coming after you! 😒 Society is incredibly f*cked.

frostypants933d ago

So you'll be super angry if this doesn't have dudes running around in banana hammocks?

CrystalFantasy3933d ago

Does this game feel complete yet? I played this 2 years ago but stopped coz the game felt unfinished.