GhostWire Tokyo: Every Creepy Urban Legend and Myth Explored

GhostWire: Tokyo is an upcoming action/adventure game from Tango Gameworks, featuring plenty of Japanese urban legends, folklore, and mythology. We present a breakdown of everything we could find in the trailer.

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Rangerman12081434d ago

This is the kind of game I wished The Walker was.

stokedAF1434d ago

Such a cool trailer. I can’t wait to see more.

AK911433d ago

My big questions for this game.

- What kind of engine does it use? (Please for the love of god be UE4 not Idtech or Cryengine)
- Is it solely an SP experience (I don't think it is)
- If there are MP features is it an online only game?

Nexus_Digital1433d ago

Hi. To try and answer those questions:
- The Evil Within was built on the id Tech 5 engine, with the sequel built on the new STEM engine that was based on the id Tech 5. We think it might be the STEM engine again.
- We aren't too certain, though we predict that there might be elements of MP, though it will primarily be SP.
- Judging by Shinji Mikami's previous games, we doubt it will be an online only game, as it does somewhat seem traditionally story-driven.