Josef Fares: I Prefer Linear Games; People Say It as Something Negative and I Don't Like It

Josef Fares, the man behind A Way Out and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, expressed his clear pro-linear games sentiment in opposition to open worlds.

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ccgr113d ago

Depends on the story for me

Jin_Sakai113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

Not every game needs to be open world.

BlackIceJoe113d ago

I'd say some of the best games this gen have been linear, be it Uncharted 4 or God of War. So I personally welcome more games like those games. A Way Out was a cool and interesting twist on that formula and I hope Josef's next game will have co-op too.

Kabaneri113d ago

Linear but with a hub and open levels to explore is the best way to do it.

TheSinsibleOne113d ago

I do too. I'm sick of every game being open world now. It always kills the pace of the story. GoW, Spider-Man , Yakuza and RDR 2 are the rare exceptions because they are fun to play in the open world . I'd take linear every time. Open world killed MGS for me. Uncharted and TLOU are great because it's linear, open world would only hurt it. I gues it does depend on the game.

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