IGN: Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories Preview

The Kingdom Hearts franchise has garnered countless fans across the globe and the continuing presence of its spin-offs on various release lists is yet another sign pointing towards the continuing success of the series. When Kingdom Hearts II was released in Japan, there was speculation that a Final Mix of the game would be released as well, to follow suit with the release of the original Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. These Japan-only "special editions" included a number of new gameplay elements and new cutscenes.

However, the most envy-inducing feature of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix +, which was released last year, was the inclusion of a complete 3D remake of the GBA game Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. Fortunately for U.S. gamers, that remake is coming to the PS2 as a standalone product in the form of Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories, a card-based action RPG that bridges the gap between the two proper entries in the franchise.

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