Japan stops ignoring the PS3, sales jump 900%

PS3Fanboy reports:

"Looks like all is right with the world again, according to the latest numbers from Media Create. This week on Sony's home turf, the PS3 moved 39,587 units -- outselling the combined figures of the Wii and Xbox 360. Also worth noting is that PS3 sales jumped a whopping 907% from last week, when the PS3 sold only 3,931 units."

Find out how the other systems (including the Xbox 360) compared after the jump.

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LightningPS3PS33685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

That's why Sony is choosing their battles. Microsoft is dumping a lot of cash to the Japanese market, paying for exclusivity of Japanese RPG's and price drops.

But Japan is still PS3's. Sony knows that all they need is a big game release or price cut and they will get the PS3 right back on top.

XBOX 360's 7 week winning streak didn't mean much when they were winning by 3k, and then PS3 outsells them by 33k in 1 week. They haven't made up much ground.

That's why Sony is not too worried about Japan. They're focusing their battle in other regions right now.

Jamie Foxx3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

& sell ps3s to (not just in japan but everywhere)the kinda niche game japan will go crazy for once word gets around,remember i said it!im blown away by it

chaosatom3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

Like Kotaku. They would never have articles saying that ps3 actually outsold and out slaughtered 360 by this much ratio.

But when 360 beats ps3 by a few 1000. they declare ps3 dead.

I can't believe how Kotaku has such a large fan sites and everyone believes them, when they are so heavily biased that it's ridiculous.

SL1M DADDY3685d ago

That were proclaiming the "lead" the 360 was taking over the PS3 for the last 7 weeks when especially now that in one week, the PS3 has blown that "lead" out of the water. I wonder why they have not proclaimed the end of the 360's "lead" for the last 7 weeks...

This is one of the first articles about it and it took nearly all day for this one to come up here. Strange...

na2ru13685d ago

this only means ONE thing, and that is, 360 will NEVER take off in Japan GUARANTEED.

I mean what's left after a price cut, being the cheapest and having a wealth of RPGs?

SonyOwnsNextYear3685d ago

Us gamers know the deal.

the media will try to twist things until next year about this time.

if it doesnt come true, take all my bubbles. Im serious.

XxZxX3685d ago

Seven week winning streak is countered by a nasty right hook, Can Sony deliever a 3 punch combo to finish MS off. This will get very interesting. Kudos for Microsoft on putting up a good fight after being hammer for nearly 3 year. The balls on Sony now, will Sony goes for the facebreaker. Stay Tuned

Thugbot1873685d ago

I have one problem with the story and that's the percentages; ok 9% doesn't look so well when written but its and improvement which is always welcome. It just makes me very skeptical of any Sony news because they are always inflating the percentages instead of just saying hey we are improving. Now being its some fanboy who more than likely wrote this news, Sony doesn't share fully in the blame, but this is the type of stuff that makes me loose creditability in the PS3 and Sony as well as respect for Sony fanboys.

XxZxX3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

thugbot, your avatar, PS3 foreman grill not helping your credibility too. Make me lose respect to XBOX 360 fanboy as well. LOL

ultimolu3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

I agree with you.

With all the celebrating going on here, you'd think the 360 passed a million sales.

While I commend Microsoft to some degree for their efforts in Japan, I don't think their efforts will last long enough. :/

Thugbot187: Sounds a lot like VG Chartz in terms of the 360, doesn't it?
Stop spinning the news. The PS3 still sold over 30,000 consoles this week and that is VERY impressive.

mikeslemonade3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

Okay the smart people will nod at this article because they knew this would happen. And I think I have said it 4 times already that the 360 is a "fluke and unsustanible" in Japan. The 360 can only sell well for about 3 weeks when they got an exclusive RPG and then it drops back down under 10k. It's like adrenaline shot for a dying patient.

Emmo3685d ago

"fluke and unsustainable" I don't think you can call seven weeks a fluke, that is what PS3 owners were saying about one week.

The 360 has a market in Japan now and will periodically beat the PS3.

No doubt PS3 will out sell it in the long run, but 360 is here to stay.

Lifendz3685d ago

Sony is losing where? In Japan? Stop it already. MS had a good run while Sony was asleep but Sony's back now and LBP is the proof. Just wait till White Knight drops.

Lifendz3685d ago

360 did okay in Japan but it's hardly there to stay. People bought it for one game and one game only. You think anyone over there is going to buy the 360 version of a game like Final Fantasy? What about versus? They can't even play that on 360. ONce the PS3 releases its RPGS (e.g. White Knight) then it's over. The PS3 will be right back on top. 360 is a quality system but the Japanese do not, as a general rule, support Western consoles (i.e. Microsoft). They did so for those weeks to get those JRPGs.

PS3 from this point out in Japan. Write it down.

vhero3685d ago

the sold more in 1 week over 360 then 360 sold over ps3 in the last 7 weeks they supposedly won making them empty shallow victorys and MS paid for them empty shallow victorys with real cold hard cash. See MS instead of buying exclusives actually use your money and invest in better games!!!

Cheeseknight283685d ago

"what i can't believe is that there are still lots of sites that are PS3 Biased.
Like Kotaku. They would never have articles saying that ps3 actually outsold and out slaughtered 360 by this much ratio. "

pixelsword3685d ago

...and it took about... weeks.

na2ru13685d ago

Blown away in a week deserves a standing avation

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belal3685d ago

the japanese people just need a game ;) just wait for white knight omg, 120k atleast first day and up on like 200k first week in japan alone ;) the ww it will be more than 2 mill


They were waiting for the bundles

Pennywise3685d ago

lol... dont say that, you are spinning it. I dont think there has been one time since I have joined this site that I have heard this numbskull microsoft nazi warriors make some kind of slanderous remark about the playstaion and it hasnt come back and bit them in the rear. All the stories get retracted, and all the lies come to the surface eventually.

chaosatom3685d ago

Is PP wetting himself already? haha.

earwax3685d ago

Take ZERO sales and sell 9 THAT equals a 900% jump in sales!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3685d ago

"outselling the combined figures of the Wii and Xbox 360"!!! ;-P

Time for the 87th xBox 360 Price cut i think!!! ;-D

spongeboob3685d ago

I think you should join PP in the mental retardation zone that way--->

Nineball21123685d ago

Hahahaha.... wow, that's one of the best self-owned statements I've ever seen.

Please tell me you know that if you took 0 sales and multiplied it by 9, you'd still have ZERO sales!!!

That's not a 900% increase, because it's not an increase at all!!

Stupid fanboys... can't even get basic math correct.


XxZxX3685d ago

I pity the fool who can't do math.

Rythrine3685d ago

LOL. Bubbles for the laugh. XD

SpecialSauce3685d ago

JAPS make the best lbp lvls.

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HighDefinition3685d ago

Is out Dec 25th in Japan, that`s all I gotta say.

shqype3685d ago

Oh wow, I forgot about that - sales will skyrocket once that releases!

WhittO3685d ago

how did the other WKC sell in Japan? just wondering, havent ever played that game!

HighDefinition3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

WKC is the first in the series.....

Level 5 who makes it, are considered the NEW Square. Which is a BIG deal, especially in Japan.

INehalemEXI3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

Did you mean Valkyrie Chronicles? I would think that maybe WKC has some effect on these #s people getting ready for it.

Mozilla893685d ago

that Valkyrie Chronicles would be a pretty big exclusive in Japan. I wondered if it helped move units whenever it came out in Japan. Still was LBP the only game that came out in Japan or did Sony release the 80 gig this week too?

WhittO3685d ago

i remember hearing that if WKC sells really well that sony will acquire Level 5? was a rumour but prob has some weight behind it.

Sarcasm3685d ago

Don't forget about Yakuza 3. That one will help move units in Japan.

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