"This company called King was talking about creativity. I was like, ‘What?’" - Josef Fares

From VG247: "During GameLab, Barcelona, last week, we sat in on a panel discussion between A Way Out director Josef Fares and Quantic Dream’s David Cage. In the panel, Fares had some choice words to say about mobile game developer King.

King is owned by Activision and creates games such as Candy Crush Saga and lots of other games with ‘Saga’ at the end. The studio’s games generate money through microtransactions."

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Platformgamer1369d ago

the gaming worlds needs an hero, and that's josef fares!

TheCryptKeeper1369d ago

Yes, hopefully he will become an hero soon.

Blastoise1369d ago

This guy is really growing on me

lellkay1369d ago

This guy. Love him more and more.

Relientk771369d ago

Eff the Oscars!

Josef rules