MyGen: Dead Space Review

MyGen writes: "Ever since Dead Space was demoed at EA's E3 2008 presentation, I was very excited to see how the final product was going to turn out. Well folks, I am happy to report that it is a polished, cinematic experience that will rival just a handful of other titles for 2008's game of the year. For those of you lucky enough to get the prequel DVD - Dead Space: Downfall is set just before the events of the critically acclaimed horror outing, explaining how the 'Marker' was found, and what exactly happened on the ship and the planet surface before Isaac Clark started his rescue efforts. Although it's not an essential addition to the game, it does help explain the events far better than the logs scattered around the good ship Ishimura.

Dead Space is an incredibly atmospheric title. It is the kind of game that transcends the medium, adding ammunition to claims that video games, like film, are more than just entertainment. The artists at EA Redwood Shores have put together a title that expertly combines visual complexity, aural excellence, and an intense, visceral gameplay experience that simply should not be missed. Do yourself a favour this Halloween: pick up a copy of Dead Space, call up some friends, pop some corn, and hold on for dear life."

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